Thursday, January 13, 2011

Review of Wild Man Creek by Robyn Carr

Wild Man Creek

Robyn Carr


368 pages

Colin Riordan loved being in the wild blue yonder until one day it all came literally crashing and burning around him over him and through him. It’s taken months of intense therapy and a scrape with illegal possession but he’s on the right track. Jillian Matlock has had few certainties in her life and one of them had been her career, but add one unscrupulous man and the world as Jill’s known it ceases to exist. Together Jill and Colin find what neither ever thought they would, the question is, are they smart enough to hold on to it and keep it.

Ms. Carr extends our Virgin River family with the addition of Jill and Colin who both have ties to the community some stronger than others. In this episode in her continuing series she doesn’t give us natural disaster, or crime to chew on. No she gets right to the heart of the matter, she gives us a couple who experience the once in a lifetime “grand passion” we all read about and then goes about seeing if they’re smart enough to recognize and grow it. So it’s the epic story of boy meets girl but can he keep her and vice versa. I have to admit that so far these are my favorite hero and heroine in her series, why, because the challenges facing them are something that every one of us could easily face, there’s no big time disaster looming making them closer, it’s just plain old life that gets in the way. And she does it with such compassion and grace that her readers can’t help but fall in love with the characters and feel the pull when they fall and the heat when they love. She let’s us catch up on the former goings on in her beloved Virgin River so as not to leave anyone out and she brings us a side story that’s been percolating for a few novels between Jack and Denny, but I won’t give any of that away. Her romance is sensual, earthy, and heady and her love scenes will put the flame under the coldest of hearts.

So enjoy the trip back to Virgin River, catch up with old friends and meet new ones. Fall in love with the characters as they fall in love with each other. Experience the small town problems and solutions that our residents come up with. As someone relatively new to Virgin River I think you can read this as a stand a lone, but I for one am going back to the beginning to experience it all from the start and I know then I’ll make heads and tails out of what I missed. And I suggest that for you as well.


  1. I downloaded a library audio book, downloaded to ipod and had many hours of listening to a good story.

  2. Glad you liked it, are you a fan of the series or new to it like I was