Thursday, May 19, 2011

Review of Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts

Chasing Fire
Nora Roberts
Penguin Group
472 pages
ISBN 13: 9780399157488

Rowan Tripp has literally followed in the larger than life footsteps of her famous Missoula Smoke Jumper firefighter father “Iron Man Tripp”, but that’s okay because it’s the only pair of fire retardant boots she wants to wear. She’s trained hard for her position and the last thing she needs is trouble, the kind that comes from rookie Gulliver Curry. Gulliver has idolized Iron Man Trip and is training to be a “Zullie” because of him, he’s no stranger to firefighting having been a hotshot firefighter before, what he didn’t count on was his instant and combustible attraction to Iron Man’s daughter. But Ro and Gull have more to worry about than the heat between them, there’s danger lurking and they have to depend on each other to find it before it burns them alive.

Nora Roberts puts out more books a year than any author I know, how does she keep them fresh without sounding like you could interject words from one novel to the next. Well however she does it, she does it like no one else. She starts with a tale that could be the headline news from any major network or the ticker on the bottom of the CNN screen. Then she goes us one better with descriptive narrative that lets her readers be right in the line of fire with the characters one minute and feeling the heat of lust in the next. Take her characters next as each one in this story could easily have their own novel they’re that good and that interesting. Her hero Gull and heroine Ro are two people who will light up the pages of the read like a fire lights up a virgin forest. The romance is combustible as these two stumble their way to their happy ever after. The love scenes will scorch so be sure to have your extinguisher handy. This novel would easily make a great first of a trilogy or a series and yet we learn enough about every character to quench us.

If you love Nora Roberts she won’t let you down with this read. If you’ve never read her you must be living under a rock, so come out and join the millions of her fans everywhere and be delighted, be thrilled and be entertained.
This is a definite must read as it combines romance, suspense and action adventure and will be a hit with all fans of those genres.
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  1. Hi Debbie - I totally agree with you about Chasing Fire - I loved her last one as well (The Search) Somehow, I wish she would do a series on the Smoke Jumpers - there are enough of them !! Hope all's well...


  2. Hi Anne, This was a great one wasn't it. And of course I agree with the series.
    I am doing well thanks, hope you are too. thanks for commenting here and at the B&N book club as well


  3. "Chasing Fire" has everything a great romantic suspence novel needs. The story is thrilling and fascinating, there are two wonderful love stories in the book, the camaraderie between the smoke jumpers is amazing and their fight against the fire is breathtaking.