Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Review of Operation Spank Me by Christina James

Operation Spank Me

Christina James

Scarlet Rose

ISBN13: 978-1601549172

268 pages

Deep in the special ops of the military Finn Coleman has no time or desire for a committed relationship but naughty cybersex with e-pen pal Emma is just what the doctor ordered. Small town Emma Shields has no idea what she’s getting into when she lets friends talk her into e-pen palling with mystery military man Finn Coleman the chatting takes on a definite X rating. Keeping her identity a secret she refuses sending a picture so when he shows up on her doorstep unannounced how will she receive him.

Christina James gives us the first of a new erotic romance series with Operation Spank Me, her plot could be from any town any where USA where a lonely GI is paired with a pen pal only this author takes it two steps further into the e-rom universe where the pen pals exchange more than just the weather, and she adds a storyline climax that has nothing to do with sex but will certainly make her readers breathe a little harder because of. Her dialogue is everyday easy to read chit-chat mixed with the directness and politeness you’d expect from an Officer in the Forces added to this is very explicit sexual desires and commands. Her characters are very well developed and I enjoyed meeting and getting to know them from all the small town folks to her hero and heroine. Speaking of her hero Finn and her heroine Emma I also liked them and the author does a good job of promoting their lust at first sight, sex at every possible moment, turns into love everlasting very convincingly. The romance is fast paced and the readers will be able to see when lust turns to love for both Finn and Emma. The love scenes are scorching hot, smoking sexy and might be offensive for readers not into explorative and inventive sex scenes.

Fans of e-rom and also those who like a huge dose of hot sex with their genre romance would enjoy this read, also fans of the more traditional romance between one man and one woman would also like this. Not sure if your a fan of e-rom but want to dip your feet, this would be the perfect test. The next in the series will be Operation Tempt Me, check out the author's website here to find out more.

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