Thursday, May 12, 2011

Review of Mind Games by Taylor Keating

Mind Games
Taylor Keating
Tor - Publish Date May 24, 2011
368 pages
ISBN 13: 978-0765365484
Mind Games is the second in Taylor Keating’s new exciting Guardian series. Taylor Keating is the pseudonym of the team of Catherine Verge and Paula Fox.

River escapes her video game nightmare against the Dark Lord and now she and Hawk (in Nick’s body) are on Terra Firma. She’s looking for answers, answers she needs for self preservation and who’s out to get her now. Hawk after being prisoner of the Dark Lord for how long he has no idea has “jumped” with River to her world and taken advantage of Nick’s death to take his body, a body that was once intimate with River and is giving Hawk a good amount of trouble both physically and mentally. They’re on the run for the murders of River’s tech gaming partners, always looking over their shoulders for the next catastrophe while racing the clock. Time is of the essence because they have no idea when Hawk will be pulled back to his world and they have only each other to trust.

In Mind Games the author(s) keep their multi-genre theme going with a mix of paranormal/ science fiction, urban fantasy and romantic suspense. The story line in this novel follows on the heel of Game Over, the characters continue their adventure on Earth and we get updated from time to time on the happenings on Hawk’s planet. The dialogue has a very urban feel as well as the author takes us to the underbelly of society on a post apocalyptic Earth and she does an excellent job describing to her audience the pallor of the world and it’s citizens. Her characters are once again bright lights in a dark setting and they continue to shine whether they be friend or foe. Her hero Hawk is fighting demons in his new and not improved body while fighting his intense feelings that continue to grow for River. River the heroine is a continuing lesson in self discovery as she continues the path of who and what she is and where she came from. As a team they are powerful together as they not only love but fight for each other. The romance is on a crash course and in which direction, the readers will just have to get on the ride and find out. The love scenes are sensual and rife with feelings that continue to deepen, they’re also filled with longing and love.

The author team of Taylor Keating has brought us another perfect example of two fertile imaginations along with amazing storytelling abilities to bring us  part two of this saga. The novel is best read after Game Over as it’s the continuing story of this couple and their worlds.
Ladies, I can’t wait for round three, thank you for another must read.
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