Friday, July 15, 2011

Review of Baby Come Home by Stephanie Bond

Baby Come Home
Stephanie Bond
336 pages
ISBN 13: 9780778329947

The Armstrong brothers after serving their country have come home to their tornado ravaged Sweetness Georgia committed to rebuild the town. But after hiring scores of men to do the work it’s become obvious that without women the men won’t stay. Kendall Armstrong uses this reason to lure his former sweetheart Amy Bradshaw back home. He’s never forgotten or gotten over what he and Amy shared. With this in mind he puts an ad for single pioneer minded women to come to Sweetness to help reshape the town, he places that ad in the newspaper where Amy just happens to live Broadway Michigan. But his plan backfires because Amy doesn’t arrive with the women from up north. Brother Marcus secretly knows Kendall’s intentions and also knows Amy is now an engineer, so he makes her an offer that’s hard to refuse.
Amy Bradshaw left Sweetness Georgia and never looked back, because the only thing she ever loved about the place didn’t want her, Kendall Armstrong. She’s worked hard and sacrificed much to be the woman she is today. The only regret she’s had is that she can’t seem to get over Kendall and it doesn’t help when she’s got something to remind her of him constantly. Now there’s a chance to go back and see him again and she’s not sure where it will lead.

Stephanie Bond gives us book two of her Southern Roads trilogy with Kendall’s story a story of second chances, of misguided feelings and missed opportunities. She fills in the plot with tidbits from the first book and adds to it this captivating love story. She does this with narrative that will let you see in your minds eye the mountains, the terrain and the developing new town of Sweetness. Her characters are enigmatic as well as diverse in culture and status and she brings them all to life with her words. Her hero Kendall is a thoughtful, kind and complex man who feels with all his heart even when the words won’t come. Her heroine Amy is a combination of strong woman and fragile female and competent professional. The romance is fraught with holes bigger than the tornado left and we the readers will get to see them fall in and sometimes cross over those pitfalls. The love scenes are sensual and visual and I think any romance lover will love them as long as you remember to turn on the fan before reading.

If this is your first trip to Sweetness have no fear it reads well as a stand-a-lone, but why deny yourself the whole story get Baby Drive South and then wait just a few more weeks for Baby Don’t Go.
Thank you Ms. Bond for an inspiring and entertaining read.
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