Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Review of The Creed Legacy by Linda Lael Miller

The Creed Legacy
Linda Lael Miller
384 pages
ISBN 13: 9780373776009

Bad Boy, fearless but far from rootless Brody Creed has come home to Lonsome Bend to roost for good. After years of separation from his kin he’s got a future to plan and a past to make up for and with the help of the family who loves him still and always and one special woman he just may just complete “The Creed Legacy”.
Carolyn Simmons has been left before, first by her mother and then by the only man she’s ever entrusted her heart to, Brody Creed. Well now he’s back and he’s staying and he’s making it clear he wants another chance. Well run she won’t, Lomesome Bend is the only place that’s ever felt like home. So bring it on Brody, she’s a big girl now and she’s staying too. Is the town big enough for both of them or will one have to cut their losses and leave.

Ms. Miller has cowboy romance down to a science and her equations always mean some jean wearing, horse riding boy will go after and get his girl. In this novel she continues the story of The Creeds of Lonsome Bend Colorado and she takes off where Conner’s story ended with the long lost son Brody. How she makes these characters seem so down to earth is a mystery as they’re usually larger than life and rich beyond means, but she makes them humble but never meek and someone you might just run into at the local diner or Cattleman’s dance. She does this with her decisively western drawly dialogue fully equipped with ma’am, shucks and the like, but in doing so she really brings the west alive for her readers, with the country manners mixed with home on the range narrative where the cowboys and cowgirls don’t mind slinging a few four letter words along with the hay. Where the scenery is an equal star with the characters. And the characters will all dig themselves deep into the audiences heart. Her hero Brody is a complex man with a heart of gold that he disguises behind his rough attitude. Her heroine Carolyn is every readers idea of the perfect combination of beauty and brains with the saddest of tales to tell. The romance is my favorite, second chances and the author takes that extra step to make this one memorable by putting in all the mistakes they must overcome from the past. The love scenes are not tame, there’s no mask for these very earthy scenes that are intense and adult and very well done.

So come back to the higher elevation and continue the story of this prominent, enigmatic and very prolific family brought to us by one if not the greatest author of contemporary western romance, and don’t forget she writes a mean historical western romance too.
Thank you Ms. Miller for another exciting adventure staring characters that I will remember long after the last page is read. 
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