Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review of Only Mine by Susan Mallery

Only mine
Susan Mallery
384 Pages Publish date July 26, 2011
ISBN 13:9780373775880

Only Mine is book one of the Fools Gold Hendrix triplets trilogy, be sure to look for Only Yours in September and Only His is October.

Fools Gold California has had its share of publicity ever since the news hit that there was a man shortage and not all of it’s been positive. Now Fools Gold has another situation caused by it’s fame, it’s become the host of a television reality show called True Love or Fools Gold and Fools Gold native Dakota Hendrix was handed the job of overseeing the city’s interest during the filming and broadcast of the show.
Finn Anderssen of tiny South Salmon Alaska followed his twin younger brothers to Fools Gold after learning they’ve left college to enter this Fools Game in Fools Gold and he’ll do anything to convince them to come home including becoming part of the production team which has Dakota beating her head against a wall trying to waylay this handsome Alaskan’s plan to sabotage not just the show but maybe her heart as well.

Susan Mallery takes us back to her fictitious town of Fools Gold California where they may be short of men but they’re long on stories to tell about it. In this episode she gets her storyline straight from the boob tube and the ever popular concept of reality television mixed with a dating game show and she does an exceptional job of it by mixing humor with an emotional tale. She tells her story with easy to understand dialogue that will have her audience laughing one minute and scratching their heads the next and the scenes she describes will pop into your minds eye with vivid detail. Her characters are intimated to her readers by the author’s unique ability to make real people out of fictional ones. Her hero Finn is a larger than life Alaskan frontiersman pilot that will have all the girls swooning and her heroine Dakota is a familiar face to those of us who are fans of this series only we get to see her from a very different angle in this instillation by seeing her in a vey personal light. The romance is from the beginning doomed and we will all revel to see how the author brings to fruition this couple’s HEA. But don’t expect smooth sailing because this duo will bump and slip their way into love. The love scenes are perfect for summer because you’ll need the fan speed turned up and the ice refreshed in your drink as you read the very hot and spicy lovemaking.

If you’re an old fan of this series this one will only endear you more to the life and times of these enigmatic residents and if this is your first visit to Fools Gold I have an idea that it won’t be your last.
If you like the Lakeshore Chronicles by Susan Wiggs or the Virgin River series by Robin Carr you will love this series.
Ms. Mallery I can’t wait for your next episode in Fools Gold.
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  1. Abso love Susan and Fools Gold!! Cant wait for Only Yours and Only His in Sept and Oct!!!
    I finished this book in a few hours because I just couldn’t put it down!!
    Make sure you like her on her Facebook page and show your support!!
    Also don’t forget to preorder the next 2 books when ordering Only Mine!!

  2. thanks for commenting Melissa, I too can't wait for the rest of the trio of sisters to find their HEA.