Monday, February 20, 2012

The Proper Care and Maintenance of Friendship, March feature at B& Fiction forum

March at the Fiction General Discussion at B& I am so pleased to be featuring The Proper Care and Maintenance of Friendship by Lisa Verge Higgins.
It's a rare find for me to read a novel in January and it still have influence with me enough to feature in on my 20 best of list for 2011, click here to see it or any of my choices.
Please let this be your invitation to join in the conversation and remember that Lisa will be with us all month, there may be some surprises and some prizes as well. If you have a B&N account come on over, if not sign up it's free, come share the joy of reading and discussing a novel as a group with the much added benefit of having the author on hand to answer questions, explain things and just hang out with.
Stay tuned for more updates and coming soon, My interview with Lisa too.

And in preparation for our discussion of this novel I re-present to you my review

The Proper Care and Maintenance of Friendship
Lisa Verge Higgins
Grand Central Publishing
ISBN13: 9780446563512
352 pages

Four very different friends have remained so with much effort, but when tragedy strikes and deathbed requests are made the least that will happen is head scratching, the most will be life changing.

Ms. Higgins has a sure to be hit on her hands in this her first foray into mainstream women’s literature. The first thing that was apparent to me was her astonishing storytelling capability, the second is her capacity to pull some deep emotions from me while reading. She gives us a heart-wrenching tale that will affect even the most stoic readers and she does this with a gracefully flowing narrative that will transport her readers from the most exotic of locations to the mundane of everyday life. She makes this happen with the most incredibly unforgettable characters not stopping with the stars of her novel but right on down the line to the most minor of roles. Her main characters are outstanding in their density and Ms. Higgins does an excellent job of making them very real to her audience. They were not only authentic in the roles they played but also very multi-dimensionally faceted in their personalities. She did an excellent job of making them believable and at times frustratingly so. This is not a romance even though there are romantic elements to the story it’s instead a love story about what it really means to be a friend, what it takes to keep that friendship alive and makes those of us who haven’t done that ashamed and looking up names that we have forgotten about along the way of growing up and growing older.

Anyone who has ever had a lifelong friendship should not only read this but buy it for that special someone they call friend, every woman who’s ever experienced the whole hearted friend love between herself and another woman should experience this awe inspiring novel. And every man who loves a woman will get a better insight into her should he read this tale.

So go out and get this the first “Best Read” of 2011, you won’t be sorry and you will be a better friend if you do.
Kudos to you Ms. Higgins for an inspiring, heart warming and very emotional read.
Buy the novel here visit the author's website here.

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