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Q&A w/Gena Showalter on her new release The Darkest Seduction

Gena, first off I have to tell you that I am a HUGE fan of the Lords of the Underworld series, have devoured them all and can’t wait for the next one In all the series that I love there is always one story that readers anxiously wait for and this one is mine. In all the pre-emptive novels you have cast many sides of Paris and not all of them glowing, but when he met Sienna I knew he’d met his match and I’ve been literally waiting years to find out about their story.

Tell us a little about this novel:

(First, thank you so much!)  You know, when I created the Lords of the Underworld, I had no idea Paris, keeper of the demon of Promiscuity, would become the reader favorite.  He seemed so…well, happy, as though he had his life all figured out. He never had to worry about commitment, he could have any woman he desired—and did, every day—and he was doing what he’d been created to do: fight alongside his brothers by circumstance.  But so many readers saw beneath the cocky exterior to the wounded heart inside, and knew this strong man with the warped sense of humor craved what his friends were taking for granted: love and monogamy.   But…I had no idea how to give him those things.  He had to sleep with a new woman every night or he weakened and died.  If that wasn’t bad enough…
When I first introduced Sienna …and killed her…I had no plans to bring her back.  (Sorry Paris!)  I wasn’t her biggest fan, and honestly, she was meant only to be a means of torturing him on yet another level.  Of course, that backfired and tortured me!  Afterward, Paris would step onto the pages only to mourn her or look for her and finally I could take it no longer.  I threw him a bone.  And yes, that too came back to bite me. I tried to write this book with a different heroine (you’ll actually get to meet her in the book) but Paris wanted nothing to do with her.  After four false starts, I finally allowed him to take over and that’s the story you’ll read.

To sum the story up in one sentence: Through life and death, war and peace, one man will risk everything to save the woman who once sought to destroy him…the only woman he craves…

So let’s talk about the Lords series, where did the idea for the series come from:

You know, I’d love to say it was this really complex process, and make myself look really intelligent, but the truth is, the entire series sprang from one idea.  I’d never liked the myth of Pandora’s box, where one curious female was blamed for all the world’s misery.  I decided to rewrite it—and blame men.

Is there a set number of volumes in your Lords series?

My plan was always to write the twelve original Lords, but along the way I’ve introduced secondary characters I’ve come to love.  William, Neeka, Taliyah, Lazarus, and even new demon-possessed Lords you’ll meet in The Darkest Seduction (including another female!) .

You write both adult and YA fiction, do you have a preference to write, to read?

This might surprise everyone but I loooove to write the young adults, especially my brand new Alice in Zombieland series launching later this year.  There’s something about the characters, the world, and the situation that just enraptures me.   I never wanted to leave the pages.  But I do love writing the adult titles, as well, and have never felt as inspired as when I wrote Wicked Nights, the first in the upcoming Angels of the Dark series, and Last Kiss Goodnight, the first in the upcoming Otherworld Assassin series.

As for reading, I’ll read whatever captures my attention!

Walk us through a normal day-in-the-life of Gena Showalter:

I wake up pretty early and immediately brew a cup of herbal tea.  (I’m a former coffee addict, so the tea was a big change.)  I’ll usually spend an hour reading, thinking, catching up on email and web-related things, then I’ll dive into the pages of whatever book I’m working on.  I’ll work until I’ve hit a set number of pages (which changes depending on the stage the book is in—rough draft, line edit, copy edit, galley.)

I recently read a copy of Dating The Undead where you and Jill Monroe are featured, I LOVED it, recommended it to all my friends and especially their daughters and thought what a unique concept to spoof all the fashion, cologne and self help rags and mags. Where did this idea come from and will there be more?
To find out more or buy this book here

Jill and I have both written in the paranormal romance genre and readers have mentioned how cool it would be if those heroes actually came to life.  So, we did it!   We wrote Dating the Undead with the thought that immortal men do, in fact, live among us.

One of my favorite aspects of the book is the idea that for every immortal man, there is a human counterpart.  The vampire – the sophisticated one.  The werewolf—the active one who loves hanging out with his friends. The zombie – the endearing couch potato.  The demon – the party animal.  The angel – the all-around good guy every girl should bring home to mom. The dragon shifter– the warrior as well as the protector.

The other thing I love about Dating the Undead is that it truly does offer something for every reader. There’s dating advice—after all, dating a zombie or a vampire or a has far more challenges than dating a normal guy, similarities or not—and quizzes and ads and articles showing just how different the world would be if we really could meet and interact with the otherworldly men from our fantasies.  We had SO much fun working on this book!

What would be your dream vacation?

I’m a staycation kind of girl.  I love snuggling in bed with the hubs, watching TV or reading.  But if I actually had to travel, it’s a dream of mine to go to Israel.

Do you have any B&N book signings or events? I’m sure our visitors here would love to meet you in person.

I don’t currently have any book signings in the works, but that could change and I’ll be sure to post the information on my website ( www.genashowalter.com)!

Gena, Thank you so much for giving us more insight into this series and you too. And good luck with The Darkest Seduction!

Buy the novel here visit the author’s website here  .

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