Friday, February 24, 2012

Review of The Darkest Seduction by Gena Showalter

The Darkest Seduction
Gena Showalter
ISBN13:9780373776573 Release Date 2-28-2012
504 pages

Thousands of years ago when the world was still young and the Greeks still ruled Olympus, Zeus King of the Gods created an elite band of warriors to protect him and all he held dear. This band of brothers did the unthinkable and released the demons from what we now call Pandora’s Box. To punish them Zeus entrapped the demons set free within these fighters to war with their own souls and banished them to earth where they became The Lords of the Underworld.
The Lord known as Paris is paired with the demon of promiscuity, he must feed the demon with sex but never from the same partner twice and he has since the beginning never been able to have a relationship with one woman, this has never mattered to him until he met the hunter Sienna who drugged, betrayed and seduced him and in return he was ultimately responsible for her death. But death in the realm of myths and Gods is not the same as for humans and Paris has been searching for her because he and his demon both want her again.
Sienna Blackstone became a hunter to replace a family lost but soon found out that they like everyone in her life is not what they appear on the surface. In death she has been given the demon wrath and in struggling to accept him has also accepted her culpability in atrocities against mankind and Godkind alike. The one truth she knows is that Paris is who she wants but knows also that he will never accept her for her crimes against the Lords. She is recruited by Cronus but there are others out there who want her as well and the one thing she knows is that she will only fight on the side of Paris and the Lords.
She and Paris escape her prison and find that the rules are changing, the war is escalating and new battle lines are being drawn. If they can only survive they may finally found what was missing for them both, belonging.

Gena Showalter has successfully evolved this series into a whole new world in Paranormal Romance with characters I was first introduced to in mythology then goes on to enhance and add to their numbers until she has created a mirrored existence. Paris may have started out to be just another Lord but as she told me other stories she also made me yearn for Paris’ happy ever after and in this novel she not only gives me that but she also turns yet another page in her series, adds yet another twist in the road. Her narrative is a mix of gutter and old world that fit her characters to a tee. Her characters are amazingly lifelike even in their immortal bodies, her main protagonists in this novel Paris and Sienna have been introduced to fans in previous books but now stand front and center and proudly so. The romance is so far beyond what I can imagine and yet with her special way she pulls me in for the ride of my life and what a ride it is. The love scenes are fit for immortals in the intensity and in the imagery the author brings and are very adult in content. As a part of a long running series the best way to enjoy this is to read them in order. Ms Showalter does a good job of giving readers glimpses of how we got to this stage but no amount of hints will bring you up to speed.

If you are a fan of paranormal romance and have not yet read Ms. Showalter, if you are a fan of JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood this series would be right up your immortal alley, if you love rock em sock em page turning edge of your seat action with a mythical twist join the ever growing crowd of fans of The Lords of the Underworld series.
Be sure to look for the next Lord’s story and also Gena’s brand new series spinoff  “Angels of the Dark” staring the angels we have met and loved in the Lord’s series.
Ms. Showalter thank you again for a trip to the beyond imaginable that you always make me yearn to see for real.

And for your added pleasure stay tuned because coming Tuesday 2-28-2012 I will be publishing my exclusive Q&A with the author so be sure and check back then.
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