Monday, April 2, 2012

Review of Lover Reborn-A Novel of The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward

Lover Reborn-A Novel of The Black Dagger Brotherhood
J R Ward
New American Library
ISBN 13:978045123584
572 pages

The brother Tohrment has been alive since he lost his shellan Wellsie and his unborn child, but it’s not what you could call living the only thing that gets him through night after night without them is fighting but soon he won’t have the strength to do that either. To make matters worse the angel Lassiter has revealed that Wellsie and his unborn child did not go into The Fade they are in fact stuck in the limbo known as the In Between and time’s running out to send them on to paradise.
No’One has lived a life of servitude on the OtherSide for the years since her suicide, the suicide that was a result of a brutal abduction and rape by a Sympath but now that the Primale has lowered the curtain between earth and the Other Side she finds herself residing in the Brother’s mansion where she’s decided to use her time here to serve and to finally get to know the daughter that was the result of the rape, the daughter who she gave life to before she took her own.
Tohrment and No’One are not strangers, it was he who guarded her during her pregnancy and it was with his dagger that she took her life. And they have yet more in common than the tortured lives they pretend to live Tohr’s adopted son John Matthew is mated to No’One’s daughter Xhex. As the two damaged souls become reacquainted they find a certain solace in each other, an allurement that frightens them both, a common ground that could lead to either their salvation or doom them further.

With Vampires being the new black and with literally hundreds of new novels coming out every year they all have one thing in common, they’re all trying to live up to the standard of  the Vampire romance of The Black Dagger Brotherhood, few do and it’s the brilliant creative imagination of J R Ward that keeps that standard high. She enthralls me, engages me and keeps me turning pages while my other duties are neglected. She widens my eyes with her story line, she amazes me with her characters that are both unbelievable and realistic, how can Vampires be realistic you ask, it’s in the heart she gives them, it’s in the feelings they’ll pull from me as I get to know them in such detail that they become real to me. Her dialogue is high society and common speak combined with the gutter slang of the Brothers and all fits these guys and gals to a tee as they smoke, drink and play their rap music, serve, fall in love, live and die for the cause. The romance is heartbreaking, heart wrenching and beautiful and I laughed, cried and hurt with them as they find their way to each other against unimaginable odds and unforgiving foes. The love scenes also set a standard of intense, immense, sensuality mixed with passion, heat and are very descriptive.
So set your channel to excitement and your sights to Caldwell New York and be a Brother for a while, while you live and breath this incredible author’s novel. The series should be read in order for maximum understanding and enjoyment and if this happens to be your first dip it won’t be your last.
Ms. Ward thank you from the bottom of my wannabe heart for another journey into the Black Dagger Brotherhood and I am looking forward to the next in the series.

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