Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Review of What Doesn't Kill You by Iris Johansen

What Doesn’t Kill You
Iris Johansen
St. Martin’s Press
416 pages

Catherine Ling needs help, it seems her long time friend and once mentor Hu Chang has gotten himself into a heap of trouble and in the sights of some very bad characters, but it’s who the CIA sends to help her that’s not sitting too well. John Gallo is the one man she can’t seem to forget ever since they met on the case involving his and Eve Duncan’s daughter.
John Gallo knows what he wants but Catherine is an enigma and he knows he can’t push her or she’ll run and he only wants her running towards him not away. He also knows that the relationship between she and Hu Chang is complicated and he’s not sure where they all stand.
Right now they must focus on getting Hu Chang out of harms way and keeping his potentially Pandora’s box of a potion out of the wrong hands before they can even start to explore the attraction and sexual pull they have towards each other.

Iris Johansen has thrilled fans for decades and this fan was indeed thrilled by this her newest release. In her previous trilogy she formed the sexual tension between her characters John Gallo and Catherine Ling and in this one she increases that tension by putting them in yet another impossible situation and inventing a plot that encases the aspects of a thriller and mystery mixed with romantic tendencies. Her characters are as usual over the top and yet she gives them humanity, humbleness and vulnerability, her villains are as nasty as can be and her supporting characters are just as important as her stars, you’ve noted I didn’t say hero and heroine because there seem to be multiple heroes and as she sometimes does I was left with more questions than answers regarding where these characters are heading next. The action is non-stop, edge of your seat and always imaginative and the narrative flows beautifully.
If you’re a fan of Ms. Johansen you will not be disappointed, if you’ve never read her (you must live under a rock) and you like your thrillers mixed with a bit of romance this is your read.
Ms Johansen wherever you take these characters I will follow as I look forward to their next impossible mission.
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