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Review of Sierra Falls and Q&A with author Veronica Wolff

 Q&A with Veronica Wolf
Sierra Falls

Debbie - Veronica, thank you for answering a few questions for us and welcome to the B&N.com General Fiction book club forum
Veronica - Thanks so much for having me!

Congratulations on your new release; could you tell us a little about it
Sierra Falls is Sorrow Bailey’s hometown, located in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. It’s a small, close-knit community, and yet Sorrow feels stuck there. While her friends and older siblings have left to seek broader horizons, she’s stayed behind to help her parents run their family’s lodge and tavern.
The town has a new sheriff, Billy Preston, a widower escaping the grief of his former life as a big city cop. He helps Sorrow after an accident at the lodge, and their friendship soon grows into a deeper connection.
When Sorrow discovers a stack of old letters written by one of her ancestors, fame comes to Sierra Falls, but danger is quick on its heels, as a series of mysterious accidents at the lodge threatens Sorrow and her family.
When the community pulls together, Sorrow takes a lesson from her ancestor’s letters: only in family, friends, and love do you find true joy.

From your list of published works you have an eclectic line up from historical romance, fantasy romance and YA
So what drew you to the contemporary genre
The seed was first planted back when I was writing my Scottish time travels. I really enjoyed crafting the different modern heroines, but honestly, it always felt like a guilty pleasure! It was a revelation realizing I could simply write contemporary, creating stories that don’t require, say, sifting through seventeenth century maps of Aberdeen.

In your bio it states that you’ve lived all over the world
Do you have a favorite place
I do! Two favorite places, actually. I might be taking a break from those Scottish maps, but Scotland remains close to my heart, and the windswept Northern Isles have greatly inspired my young adult series.
My other favorite place in the world is the Sierras. My husband has family there, and though I’d never considered myself much of a nature girl before I met him, now I love going to the mountains and dream of making my home there someday. I find my life is more mindful when I’m there, with deeper breaths and wider smiles.

Who are some of your favorite authors
There are so many amazing authors, it’s difficult to narrow it to only a few! Thinking back over this past year, some of my very favorite books—old and new—have included works by Jennifer Echols, John Green, Charlaine Harris, Georgette Heyer, David Levithan, Morgan Matson, Charles Portis, Jodi Thomas, and Lauren Willig.
But ask me again next week, and this list could very well be different!

What was it like for you when you sold your first novel
Exciting. Baffling. Nerve-wracking. It took seven years to complete my first book (I’d had two babies just nineteen months apart, which tends to put a damper on one’s productivity), and then I had only seven months to write the second. My kids were still quite young at the time, so the prospect was daunting.

Do you write full time
Yes, I consider myself incredibly lucky to write full time. It’s a gift to be able to be home for the kids, though by now they’re very well acquainted with the concept of “deadline.”

Tell us something that might surprise us, you can even tell us a secret, we promise not to tell anyone
That’s a tough one! How about this…I could go for weeks without leaving the house. Seriously, just leave me several boxes of cereal, the phone number for a good pizza delivery place, a stack of books, and reliable streaming video technology, and I’d make an excellent shut-in.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing
Hollering at my kids that they’re going to be late for school? Not a good answer?
How about this instead: Reading, watching movies, watching the waves on the Pacific, snowboarding, and getting my butt whupped in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Thank you so much for letting us get to know you a little better, and I’m sure that your fans would love to meet you in person.
Do you have any B&N events or signings.
Thanks again for having me! I love meeting and hearing from readers! I’ll be visiting a romance reader group on May 2 at the Barnes & Noble in Campbell, California. You can find full details as well as a list of other appearances on my web site: http://veronicawolff.com/
If you can’t make it to my in-person events, I’m always procrastinating on Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to find me and say hi!

Here's my review of Sierra Falls
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Genre: Contemporary Romance, General Contemporary Romance
Sensuality: HOT

Wolff gives readers a multidimensional story in the first of her contemporary series set in Sierra Falls, Calif. Tense mystery, family drama and a rocking romance are set in a picturesque small mountain town with a seasoned history, strong memorable characters and a tale with a twist.
Sorrow Bailey takes to responsibility like a duck to water, it’s why she’s run the family lodge without help since her dad’s stroke while she put her dreams aside. The only one of three siblings to stay, she shoulders much without question and little complaint but when “accidents” start happening Sorrow turns to the new sheriff for help.
Sheriff Billy Preston is new to the Falls, he’s nursing a loss that he never thought he’d recover from. But then he meets Sorrow and those certain feelings return. He’s bent on investigating her accidents because he thinks they’re deliberate acts and the more he’s around her the deeper his need for her becomes. 


  1. Great interview..i am a homebody too! I love novels based on small-towns so i will check this one out.

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