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New Re-Releases features + Q&A with Barbara Delinsky

Barbara Delinsky has been entertaining me and educating me, making me laugh and cry for years now and St. Martin's Press is re-releasing some of her earlier novels in digital format for the first time.
If you've read her and couldn't find her early works this is your chance, if you've never read her this is a perfect time to start.

New Re-Release Feature 6-25
Barbara Delinsky

Please welcome #1 NY Times Bestselling author Barbara Delinsky to the General Fiction forum.  Barbara is one of my favorite, most prolific authors, and, since late May, a number of her early romance novels have been re-released digitally.   Here is a list of these books on her website, and these are all available in Nook format too.

Debbie - Barbara, it is good to have you visit us here at the General Fiction forum.  Tell us a little about the re-releases, how many are being re-released, whether they only being released in e-form, and why now.
Barbara - Thanks, Debbie.  It’s great to be here.  I am really, really excited about the rerelease of these early romances.  All told, there are sixteen of them, and they’re being released in clusters, starting with the four on sale now, and continuing on into the summer.  These twelve will appear only as e-books for now, but knowing that many of my readers still love holding a physical book in their hands, there will be two 2-in-1 print editions of others of my oldies in fall and winter.
Why now in e-book? Several reasons.  First, there were no e-books when these romances initially came out, and given the ease of bringing e-books to readers, the opportunity was too good to pass up.  Second, with so many of my current readers not having ever seen these early books but being hooked on e-readers, e-books seemed the way to go.  And third, my work in progress, Sweet Salt Air, captures so many of the same emotions as these early books that giving readers an advance taste of love this summer seemed a no-brainer.

I was reading your bio and something intrigued me – it says that your writing career started as a fluke when you saw an article profiling three female writers.  Who were they, and did they have more of an impact on you than just their being female writers?
Honestly? I don’t remember their names.  The sole significance of their being female was that they were raising families and writing at the same time.  They made it sound do-able, which was important to me, since I had a young family, too.  Beyond that, the impact these writers had on me was what they wrote – romance.  I had never read the Harlequin-type romance, but I did then.  I read dozens, literally, in the weeks after reading that piece.  I outlined the ones I liked best, sat down and wrote my own, and it sold!

Tell us a little behind your only non-fiction title Uplift, what’s it about, and what led to your writing it.
The full title of this book gives you a clue to its contents – UPLIFT: Secrets from the Sisterhood of Breast Cancer Survivors.  It is comprised of short little hints from more than four hundred survivors, all upbeat and practical, on ways to deal with a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.  The inspiration for this book?  Katherine Evans.  She is a secondary character who appeared in my novel, Coast Road, in 1998, and she’d had breast cancer, just as I have.  She was attractive and artistic and sexy.  Readers loved her and wrote so many notes that I realized they were hungry for a positive, upbeat, can-do role model like Katherine, perhaps even like myself.  I conceived of UPLIFT as a support group in book form, and that’s just what it is.
I love all my books.  They’re my children.  But UPLIFT has a special place in my heart.  My mother died of breast cancer when I was eight, and now, to date, thanks to the proceeds from this book, I’ve been able to fund eight years of a breast fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital.  With the help of those fellows, treatment of breast cancer gets better and better.

Many writers are also readers.  Are you?  Who do you like to read?
Sadly, I read minimally when I’m writing.  The danger is being drawn into someone else’s book so deeply that I confuse voices when I return to my own!  That said, I am in a book group, and our list runs the gamut from fiction to non-fiction, literature to popular fiction.  I gotta say – I love the latter.  I’ve been having a ball with Fifty Shades …

What’s the longest research trip you ever took, and for what novel was it?
I went to San Francisco for Coast Road, which, since I live in Boston, is a haul.  Funny, though, San Francisco didn’t work for me – maybe because it’s a romantic city and my husband wasn’t there, so I felt totally alone.  He did join me afterward for several days in Big Sur, one of our favorite vacation spots.  So that’s where I ended up setting my book, with only the occasional, foggy San Francisco scene.

You describe yourself as a character-driven author.  Can you explain that to us?
Interesting choice of words.  I’ve always thought of my plots as being character-driven, since the action involves people and their emotional growth.  But I guess I’m a character-driven person, too – i.e., I love observing people, love interacting with them, love seeing their growth.

What are you working on next?
I am in the final few chapters of Sweet Salt Air, the story of two friends who reunite after ten years apart.  One is a food blogger, the other a journalist, and their plan is to compile a cookbook of recipes and local lore from the island where they spent childhood summers.  Once there, the details of their lives during those ten years apart clash in unexpected and heart-wrenching ways.  Talk about character-driven?   Sweet Salt Air explores the limits of marriage, friendship, and love.

I know a lot of fans here would love to meet you in person.  Do you have in-between release events at B&N stores?
Since I’ve been burning the midnight oil working on Sweet Salt Air, my personal travel schedule has been limited.  That said, I am always available online, whether at my website,, on Facebook at, or on Twitter. 
Good luck with all the re-releases.  I can’t wait to see what you have for us next!
Thanks, Debbie.  And again, thanks for giving me this opportunity to visit the General Fiction forum.

Here are the digital re-releases available for the Nook


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