Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review of Wicked Nights by Gena Showalter

Wicked Nights
Gena Showalter
411 pages
Four years ago Annabelle Miller was sent to an institution for the criminally insane for the murder of her parents, she was an unwilling witness to the crime, but did not commit it. They were killed by a demon who’s existence until then was never known by Annabelle and since then they won’t leave her alone, they attack and brutalize her even inside the walls of her prison. The only good thing about this is it’s brought about the notice of a group of warrior angels wondering about the constant flow of these demonic beings to the institution.
Zacharel is a warrior angel, he’s not good at following orders, sparing humans while killing demons and is in so much trouble with his deity that his orders to fall are imminent. His last chance is to lead this band of equally troubled and in trouble angels in the fight for good, which has brought him to this asylum and to Annabelle Miller. There is a certain pull that makes Zacharel rescue her, but even after the rescue she’s still a demon magnet and they must solve this puzzle of which demon wants her and why. But as they search for the truth they also discover the feelings they have for each other are anything but benevolent in fact they’re carnal, and there is no room for love when there are demons to fight in fact survival is not guaranteed and carnal thoughts will only lead them to Wicked Nights.

Gena Showalter begins her new affront in the battle of good versus evil by bringing in the big guns, the guys in white wings, the angels. In this her debut to her brand new series, a spin off of her Lords of The Underworld series, who make cameo appearances in this novel where we meet Zacharel again and his less than angelic angel warriors. She took me in a different direction in the ultimate war of the heavens and earth by getting me battle ready with another improbable love story. This time it’s between an angel and a human where the human is definitely more angelic than the angel. She took me straight down to hell to show me where the evil reigns and she gives me more details about her upcoming stars by hinting at the next story too. She uses her customary no holds barred narrative where the angels may need a little mouth washed out with soap action but it totally fits with her storyline. Her hero and heroine are an unlikely pair and I liked watching how she brought them together and kept them there. So if you’re up for a great summer read , vacation distraction and you don’t mind a little soot on angel wings pick up a copy of “Wicked Nights” and let those enormously beautiful wings cool you off.
Ms. Showalter you have taken me down some wicked paths but this one takes the cake and makes me yearn for more.
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