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New Release feature review plus Q&A w/Lisa Jackson

 New Release Feature Afraid To Die
plus Q&A w/Lisa Jackson

Please welcome another one of my favorite all time authors who I have to read everything by Lisa Jackson

Lisa tell us a little about your new novel Afraid To Die.

I’ve been leading up to AFRAID TO DIE with all of the previous three books in the Alvarez and Pescoli series (LEFT TO DIE, CHOSEN TO DIE and BORN TO DIE).  This is Detective Selena Alvarez’s story and the readers finally get a glimpse into her history.  Readers have been asking about Alvarez, her “secret”, the reason she’s such an ice princess. Now everyone will get some answers. I was thrilled to finally write Selena’s story, though, of course, her story isn’t finished!  I surprised myself as I wrote it as I hadn’t any idea about the killer, but he evolved pretty well, I think.  

This is the 4th Alvarez & Pescoli novel, will there be more, do you have a set number?

There will be more. The next book has been approved and is called READY TO DIE.  It will be available in summer 2013 and there are still a few more “To Die” stories in me, though I’m not certain of just how many.  Fans seem to like this female cop duo!

You also co-write with your sister Nancy Bush, how is it first writing with a partner and second that partner being your sister?

Ha!  How do you think it is???  Frankly, Nancy and I are best friends and are not competitive (at least not since high school when my friends liked HER better!)  It’s an interesting process. Though we’ve written different stories, we’ve been each other’s editors for thirty years and know each other’s styles.  We’ve helped with plot/character ideas and Nancy has even written some of my scenes for several books.  Sure we have different opinions, but nothing that a good talk with coffee . . . or a drink can’t help iron out.

What’s a nice lady like you doing writing some of the most evil of villains? Why thrillers?  I LOVE thrillers myself and I feel very fortunate to write romantic suspense, my favorite kind of book.  We all have deep, dark fears and I love to tap into them while I’m exploring a love story.  Really, it’s the best of both worlds . . . and come on, we ALL have dark sides, yes?  Mine, fortunately, is confined to fiction.

I heard that there’s an interesting opportunity right now for fans to decide where you’ll have the launch party for your next hardcover novel, YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW, on August 7, 2012. Can you tell us a little about that? And how we can participate?  Oh, sure.  My publisher is sending me to the town that garners the most votes by July 1st, 2012.  It’s a contest on facebook and I’m encouraging all of my fans to vote and have their friends vote for their home town.  I’ll go anywhere in the US and we’ll have a fabu party with lots of fun prizes.   Here’s the link:

Finally Lisa I’m sure that fans here would love to meet you. Do you have any B&N events or signings coming up?    Well, that all depends on which town wins the contest!
Thank you Lisa and I’ll only say adieu because you’ll be back in August when I also feature your upcoming hardback novel You Don’t Want To Know.

Thank YOU.  Always a pleasure!!!

My Review of Afraid to Die

Afraid To Die
Lisa Jackson
pages 484

It’s Christmas time in Grizzly Falls Montana and after the past few terrifying winters the residents are ready for a break, but unfortunately they’re not going to get one. It seems that all the crazies come out in winter and this December is no different, there’s a madman killing women and posing them in ice sculptures and it’s once again up to Detectives Alvarez and Pescoli to solve the crimes. But this time there’s more going on and it seems that Selena Alvarez is about to get a visit from her past, a past that she’s tried to keep buried, but when Dylan O’Keefe shows up in town all bets are off.
Dylan O’Keefe is on the trail of his runaway cousin, Gabe, and the trail leads him right to Selena Alvarez a woman from his past, a woman he once thought he loved, a woman that cost him his job and almost his life. He and Selena join forces to find the boy and when he learns of the reason Gabe’s trying to find her, her past and his will once again be brought to the present. Selena and Dylan are pulled not only into finding the missing boy but also into the current killings that are terrorizing the town when it seems that Selena is somehow a focus of this brazen monster. But there is also their very complicated and it seems unfinished feelings for each other, will they survive to see where they lead or will this nightmare before Christmas be the end of the line.

Once again Lisa Jackson proves to me why she’s a #1 NY Times bestselling author as she leads me through her complex and terrifying plot, a storyline that is a macabre as any I’ve ever had the nail biting pleasure to read. She reunites me with her characters from her previous three novels starring detectives Regan Pescoli and Selena Alvarez and introduces me to new ones, some which I will learn to love and one in particular that will keep me up at night and all the others that round out this terror filled and edge of my seat novel. In this particular installment in her series she brings Selena Alvarez to the forefront a woman who was always a mystery to me because she was always veiled to us by this amazing author who now fills in all the empty blanks of her life. Her usual no nonsense dialogue and her nightmare filled narrative led me on a merry chase and did not let me in on the identity of the killer until the very end while she also kept my rapt attention to the goings on of life in Grizzly Falls and it’s residents. The romance in this novel is ripe with complications and obstacles and yet she filled my heart with their story as she filled her pages.
If you’re looking for a comforting Christmas story you’ll not find it here, but if you want a Christmas in June that will keep you up at night, one that you’ll not be able to read while alone and shivering in your warm June homes, then this is your next Must Read.
To Ms. Jackson I say Brava, as you once again thrilled and terrified me and I can’t wait to see what horrible crime filled road you take me down next.
Buy the book here visit the author's website here and don't forget to click and vote for your hometown, you never know Lisa may just be celebrating the release of her upcoming August release with you and all of your friends, click here


  1. I have never read anything by Lisa Jackson before and I am afraid I will not read anything again. At first I was fascinated with the "ice mummy" plot, and then it went down hill--fast. She lost me when Greene attacked her in the garage--it was ureal and the word choice was ridiculous...NO police officer would have reacted in such a manner...Also, the ending was forced and anticlimatic. I only wish I had gotten it from the library and not paid eight dollars at the PX...sorry, just wasn't believable.

    1. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the book. Not everyone likes the same things. Thank you for your comment.