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New Release Feature Return to Willow Lake + Q&A w/author Susan Wiggs

New Release Feature 8-28
Return to Willow Lake + Q&A w/Susan Wiggs

Debbie- Susan is another of my very favorite authors and so please welcome her today to
celebrate the release of her newest Lakeshore Chronicle novel, Return to Willow

Welcome Susan. Can you tell us a little about your new release, and for those of us
who aren’t familiar with you Lakeshore Chronicles Novels about the series as well?

SW: The Lakeshore Chronicles series grew out of my love and nostalgia for the beauty of the Catskills and the charms of small-town life. I created the Bellamy family and all their friends (and enemies!), happily writing about their lives and loves by the shores of Willow Lake. The seasons change, people come and go, but there is constant drama in the little village of Avalon and its surroundings.

Do you have a certain number of novels in mind for this series?

SW: No. I’ll keep writing stories that take place in this setting. It’s beautiful and filled with my favorite things–an old-style summer camp, a lake and ski hill, country club, town with an amazing library...One treat in store for readers of RETURN TO WILLOW LAKE is the endpapers inside the covers of the hardcover edition. There is a hand-drawn map of the area, compliments of my publisher.

You write both stand alones and series novels, do you have a preference?

SW: No preference. I enjoy both. Connected books give me a sense of continuity, and stand-alone novels make me feel independent.

Do you have a favorite of your novels and I’ll admit that my all time favorite is
Just Breathe. It just so happens that the first time we meet the heroine of Just
Breathe, it was in a Lakeshore Chronicle novel and my favorite in the series is
Marrying Daisy Bellamy.

SW: You have an eagle eye! I think that’s super. Sarah Moon, the main character in JUST BREATHE, visits from California and stays at the Inn at Willow Lake. I’m so pleased that you remembered her.

What are you working on now and how many books do you write in a year’s time?

SW: I am working on THE APPLE ORCHARD, a novel that takes place in beautiful Sonoma, California. I seem to juggle between one and two books per year, depending on what’s going on in my life.

There are many authors who are having their out of print novels re-released in
digital formats. Is this something that will be or is happening with yours?

SW: Yes, I think it’s likely. So many readers have embraced digital books. It’s great to have a format that allows for books to be so widely available.

Okay, now for something a bit personal. Can you tell us something that’s on your
bucket list if you have one?

SW: I don’t have a bucket list, just a ton of things I’m dying to do. Most involve travel and adventure, like traveling in a suite on the Orient Express, which I did in July. Another dream of mine is to learn to surf, so this Thanksgiving, we’re going to surf camp in Costa Rica. I’m already getting excited. In RETURN TO WILLOW LAKE, Sonnet definitely has the wanderlust, but she also needs a sense of home, and that’s really key to the story.

Do you have any B&N events or signings coming up?

SW: Yes, please check this link: for upcoming events. 

Susan thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions, not that you’ll
need it but good luck with the novel and I can’t wait until your next one.

SW: Thank YOU for having me and for being a book champion!

My Review of Return to Willow Lake
Courtesy of RT Reviews Magazine

Wiggs makes every visit to Avalon, N.Y., special for readers, and this trip is no different. Fans will enjoy this opportunity to reconnect with old friends, meet new ones and watch two of their favorite characters fall in love. Even though part of a series, Wiggs’ vivid imagery and dialogue helps build the town and makes this entry stand well alone.
Sonnet Romano and Zach Alger have always been best buds but, on the night of Daisy Bellamy’s wedding, that all changed when they gave in to passion. Sonnet looks on it as a mistake — she’s carefully planned her life and Avalon is in the rearview mirror. But Zach sees a future for them — he just doesn’t know how to convince Sonnet. A family crisis throws a curve into Sonnet’s best-laid plans and brings her back to Avalon to help care for her ailing mom, prompting her to take a second look at her plans for the future — and Zach.

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