Thursday, August 16, 2012

Review of Renegade's Heart by Claire Delacroix

Renegade’s Heart
Claire Delaxroix
Deborah Cooke Publisher
ISBN13: 9780987839930
280 pages

Claire Delacroix aka Deborah Cooke has been entertaining readers for many years with her bold heroines and lusty heroes from medieval times, and just when you thought the only way to experience the era with her was through her previous series she comes out with a brand new companion series staring the characters we’ve loved from Kinfairlie and Ravensmuir and the previously released and just recently re-released Jewels of Kinfairlie series.
This first installment stars Isabella Lammergeier sister to Alexander (The Snow White Bride) and Murdoch Seton. These characters will endear you to them within the first few pages, Murdoch with his arrogant yet honorable air and Isabella with her curiosity. Now if you don’t read historical novels everyday it may take you a page or two to get into the dialogue swing of things but once you do you’ll find a richly flowing narrative that will bring the action right to you. The plot involves a lot more fantasy then the last one’s did so you’ll see a fair amount of fairies flying about and raising havoc. The romance is sweet, it’s sensuous and it’s just a little racy too and I love how Claire describes it to us in her typical perfect time period fashion.
Bring on round three and thank you so much Claire for giving your fans what we so appreciate.

It’s a bitter homecoming for Murdoch Seton, after 3yrs held captive in the fairy realm he returns to find his father has died, his brother is laird and the coffers at the keep are empty. The relic that cost so much of the treasury has disappeared and with it the wealth and health of the estate. Murdoch is sent on a quest to find the treasure and to punish the villain who stole it. His crusade takes him to Kinfairlie where he’s met with falsehoods and deceits by it’s Laird and a fair maiden who intrigues him. It’s also become clear to Murdoch that the Elphine Queen who tricked him isn’t done with him by far, in fact she’s got permanent designs on him.
Isabella is shocked by her reaction to the renegade Murdoch, his mere touch causes shivers that are not from the cold, his heart seems true and his undertaking noble, but can he be trusted with her heart, and her innocence, and will she discover the secret to saving him from the fae Queen before he’s lost to her forever.
Together they search for the lost relic and what they find will change them, the question is will they survive the fae, and her kin.

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  1. Thanks Deb, for another great review!

    I really enjoyed going back to Kinfairlie and it's so good to hear that someone else enjoyed the visit too. :-)

    also writing as Claire

    1. You are a wonderful author and I can't wait to visit the Lammergier sibs again
      so thank you

  2. Oh Debbie ! This sounds wonderful - I'll have to force myself to get it !!!! ;)


    1. Hi Anne, how's the move coming, do you have my room ready :)
      Thanks I think you'll really like this, you don't need to have read the others to enjoy it either.