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New Release Feature You Don't Want To Know and Q&A w/Lisa Jackson

Q&A w/Lisa Jackson New Release Feature
You Don’t Want To Know

Please welcome back Lisa Jackson, she was just with us a bit over a month ago when she released Afraid  to Die and she’s back this time with her Hardcover release of You Don’t Want To Know.

1.        Debbie Tell us a bit about this novel

Lisa - YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW has become my favorite novel to date.  For years, SHIVER was my fave, but it’s finally been eclipsed by this one.  Set on a solitary island in the Pacific Northwest, YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW is the story of Ava Church, a once-strong woman who has been mentally crippled over the loss of her son.  Is she paranoid?  Being haunted?  The victim of a conspiracy?  Hallucinating? Being gas-lighted?  Or just unable to face the truth that her precious two-year old boy is lost to her forever?  She keeps seeing him, through the mist and rain, on the end of a pier and the images are so vivid she thinks she may be losing her mind.  Trapped in a beautiful home which is now her prison, she is slowly unraveling and doesn’t think she can trust anyone of her family—not her husband, her cousins, or her best friend.  A stranger on the island and rumors of sightings of a serial killer who escaped a now-abandoned mental hospital add to her confusion.  It’s her quest to peel off all the layers of secrecy and find out what happened to her boy and in so doing, maybe, just maybe she’ll find her own sanity again.

2.     Is this a stand-a-lone or is it part of a series

YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW is a stand-a-lone.  (So far, but who knows in the future?  I  keep dreaming up books as sequels with characters I already know and love!

3.     So Lisa the first thing I have to say is, I guess the bribe I sent you didn’t work and all the pleading I did with all my local friends because I see the release event will be in Las Vegas, so as I dry my eyes tell us what the grand prize winner will get in Vegas

After three months of voting, the town that got the most votes in the “Straight to the Heart of Your Town” contest was Las Vegas, so we’ll be throwing a VIP party there on August 7th. All of the people who voted for Las Vegas are invited, and we’ll be giving out free books to go with the delicious food and drinks.  It’s going to be a blast. On August 6th at 6:30, I’ll also be doing an event that’s open to the public at the B&N in Las Vegas (8915 W Charleston).

4.     Do you usually tour when you have a new release come out and how do you handle it when you have two releases so close together like you do this summer

I haven’t done an official “tour” for the last few books, but this year I’m attending many conferences and events during the summer when both AFRAID TO DIE and YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW are released.  It’s exciting, exhilarating and exhausting!

5.     What are you working on now

I’ve got a couple of projects going.  My sister, author Nancy Bush and I are co-writing the third book in the “Colony Series.”  SOMETHING WICKED will be out next June, and I, by myself am working on READY TO DIE, the 4th book in the Grizzly Falls, Montana series.  I think for the first time in 5 books, it’s not Christmas there!

6.     You mention two organizations on your website that are important to you and they are also closely related by supporting families that have lost a child. 

Yes, the M. I. S. S.  Foundation and Molly Bears.  My family has suffered the tragedy of infant loss so I know first hand how important these kinds of organizations are.

7.     Tell us a bit about these organizations and without being invasive what they mean to you and how to contact them if anyone would want to either contribute or ask for assistance. 

They are both listed on my website, lisajackson.com under Lisa’s Causes.  The MISS foundation offers support for those families who have lost a child or suffered infant loss and that website is www.missfoundation.org . Molly Bears is also for families who have experienced infant loss.  This organization, run entirely by volunteers and with donations, makes custom “Molly” or Teddy bears to the exact weight of the lost infant.   Families experiencing this kind of grief can place themselves on a waiting list for a bear, which is (so far) free, though the organization is in desperate need of donations to keep running.  I have a Molly Bear, a picture of which is located on my website www.lisajackson.com under Lisa’s causes, where you can also link to www.mollybears.com .

8.     Now we would never want you to give up writing, but when you were young what did you want to be when you grew up. 

A writer, of course and then, maybe a veterinarian until I realized how many bloody, injured animals I would have to care for.  (Okay I did think I could be a bareback rider or horse whisperer, but I was very poor at any of these things.)  Oh, yeah, I can’t sing either, so that was out.  Lady Gaga is soooo relieved.

9.     Okay one more question to let us know you a bit better: What would your dream vacation be. 

Yikes, that’s tough.  I suppose either a week or two in a Welsh castle or an Italian villa?  In the winter, of course.  I live in the Pacific Northwest and summers here are spectacular---winters, not so much!

Thanks Lisa, have fun in Vegas, and good luck with the new novel.

My Review of You Don't Want To Know

You Don’t Want To Know
Lisa Jackson
416 pages

Two years ago Ava Garrison’s son Noah disappeared never to be found, since then her life has been a nightmare, a medicated blur filled with despair and misery. Recently released from a mental hospital she’s returned to Church Island and her family mansion of Neptune’s Gate, surrounded by her husband, employees other family and friends she’s never felt so alone and through it all she’s never given up hope of finding her son. She misses the take charge woman she once was but a series of episodes requiring her rescue by sexy new ranch hand Austin Dern only seems to confirm her instability, still she can’t get over feeling that something is off, that someone is against her. But who. And is there anyone on the Island she can trust.
Austin Dern has his own agenda for taking the job as ranch hand at Neptune’s Gate and the last thing he needs is a sexy off her rocker Ava Garrison interrupting his thoughts and getting in his way. But the more he gets to know her the more he thinks that beneath the fragile mask is a tiger and he’d really love to see that tiger roar, but she’s married and he’s got his own job to do on the island, and besides she’s crazy. Or is she.

Lisa Jackson has hit another one out of the park, a grand slam of a who done it, a psychological thriller that kept me awake at night, on the edge of my seat during the day and my heart pounding through the whole novel. Her storyline is as intense as it gets filled with tragedy, betrayal, murder and loss. Her characters are enigmatic, engaging, demented and unforgettable and Ava is a heroine I will likely never forget. I felt the sea spray, saw the fog, tasted the seafood and experienced the joy and the horror thanks to her signature scene painting narrative and the pages flew by thanks to her easy reading dialogue. This is a definite must for your beach bag, on your commuter train or sitting on your sofa if you like a racing pulse with your read this is your cup of tea.
Ms. Jackson thank you for the most fear filled ride yet this summer, I can’t wait to see what comes out of your imagination next.
Buy the Book here visit the author's website here
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  1. Awesome interview, I love Lisa Jackson, and was excited to hear about upcoming projects and releases. So glad you enjoyed this one Deb and that it was a personal favorite!

  2. Thanks Kimba, I love all her novels but sometimes when I'm getting near the end of one of her connected books I know there's going to be a HUGE cliffhanger.