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New Release Feature 9-18 Low Pressure plus Q&A with #1 NY Times bestselling author Sandra Brown

New Release Feature 9-18-2012 Low Pressure
Plus Q&A with #1NY Times bestselling author
Sandra Brown

Debbie - Sandra welcome to the B&N.com General Fiction forum, excuse me while I pinch myself as you are one of my most beloved authors.
Sandra - Thank you!  My pleasure.  Thank you for inviting me to participate.

Please tell us about your new release Low Pressure
In a nutshell, an F5 tornado ravages Austin, TX, wreaking havoc, taking lives. . .and destroying a murder scene.   The victim was a sixteen-year-old girl.  Now, eighteen years later, her younger sister, Bellamy Price, has written a novel based on the crime and subsequent investigation.  The instant bestseller earns her thousands of fans.  But those who were involved in the case aren’t so happy with the book’s success and the hoopla surrounding it. . .especially not the murderer, who, thus far, has gotten away with it.

You started your writing career in 1981 after leaving a career in TV, had you thought about writing fiction before then.
I had thought about writing, but not too seriously.  I mean, at what point do you hang out your shingle and announce to the world that you’re a novelist?  It seemed unthinkably presumptuous.  But, in essence, that’s what I did.  On a challenge from my husband – “Are you going to keep talking about it, or are you going to do it? – I set up a typewriter (That’s how long ago it’s been!) and began writing down the daydreams I’d been entertaining for years.

I saw your episode of Court TV Murder by The Book where they featured the murder of Betty Gore in Wylie Texas, I can see why you were a successful anchor as you looked great and very comfortable in front of the camera. Why did you deicide to do this program and will there be another guest appearance on it.
I loved doing that!  I did another for “Hardcover Mysteries.”  Same producer, same crew, and it was an equally enjoyable experience.  They do a great job of visualizing the story.  Be it known that I’m available any time to do another show of that kind.  They continue to be re-run, so I believe there’s definitely a television audience there.

Your novel French Silk was made into a made for TV movie, how was the overall experience, were you pleased by the end result, did you play a role in the production.
The adaption of FRENCH SILK was a long time ago!  There have been two since then, SMOKE SCREEN on Lifetime, and RICOCHET on TNT.  When I optioned those books, I had to reconcile that a novel and a movie are two different things entirely.  Each book is mine, mine alone, pure Sandra Brown.  A movie is a collaborative effort.  Everyone involved brings to the project his/her own creative impulses and vision.  So it’s never going to be 100% as I imagined it.

You have received many awards in your career as an author is there one that means more than the others
I’ve treasured them all.  RWA honored me with their top award.  So did ThrillerWriters.  And my university gave me an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters.   All left me feeling slightly lightheaded !  I still can’t get used to Dr. Brown, in reference to myself! 

Your novels are all so unique in characters, style and content I have to ask where do your ideas come from.
From anywhere,  everywhere, and nowhere.  That’s the most truthful way in which to answer that question.   With most books, I don’t know where the idea came from.  I don’t know the origin of the character who walks out of my subconscious and says, “Write about me.”  I think if I knew the answer to that, that’s what I’d sell.

Speaking of the difference in your novels I have to say that Rainwater is a perfect example and has remained one of my favorites even though it’s not your usual type of novel, will there be more novels set more historically, did Rainwater have a special reason behind it.
RAINWATER was a special book for me because it was loosely based on an event that occurred on my grandfather’s dairy farm in 1934, at the height of the Depression.  My daddy was six years old and witnessed an armed standoff between my grandfather and federal agents who had come to his dairy farm with an order that he pour his surplus milk into the ditch rather than distribute it among starving families.  (Destroying the surplus of commodities was part of the government’s economic program to create a demand.)  Grandpa refused to comply and stood his ground until the agents gave up and withdrew.  Naturally this made a lasting impression on my daddy. 
And the characters of Ella and Rainwater are examples of those who came out of my subconscious and insisted that I tell their story.  They didn’t leave me alone until I did.  

Sandra thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to give us a small glimpse into your life, I’m sure that the fans here at B&N would love to meet you in person, do you have any Barnes & Noble events or signings planned.
None are planned at this time, but fans should regularly check my website for scheduled appearances, articles, interviews, etc.  sandrabrown.net  or sandrabrown.com
Thank You again Sandra and good luck with the new novel.

My Review of Low Pressure

Low Pressure
Sandra Brown
Grand Central Publishing
480 pages

Sandra Brown once again gives an award winning storytelling performance in her latest thriller Low Pressure. She took me on twists and nail biting turns as she weaves her tale, leaves puzzle pieces unaccounted for until the very last minute and gave me characters who were unforgettable, enigmatic and who’s villain is the stuff of nightmares. She uses dialogue that flows throughout the entire read and kept me eagerly turning pages. Her protagonist Bellamy is a complex woman who I had no choice but to feel for, while her slightly noir-ish Dent was stud worthy yet still of questionable character to keep me wondering of his guilt. The romance is as imperfect as her couple and worth every heart-stopping page.

Bellamy Price has never gotten over the murder of her sister eighteen years ago, the body was discovered in the rubble of a rare F5 Tornado that slammed into Austin Texas on that fateful Memorial Day, a day that Bellamy would love to forget if she could only remember. Hoping to help her memory lapses she’s written a crime novel under a pseudonym but thanks to the digging of a tabloid reporter her secret is out, the novel is a bestseller and Bellamy soon discovers she’s opened a lethal can of worms when she herself is the target of an unknown assailant. With her father on his deathbed she feels she must act now and her only recourse is to dig deeper into the case and the original people of interest in the murder, one being her sister Susan’s bad-boy boyfriend Dent Carter. She and Dent form an uncomfortable partnership as it becomes even more apparent that she is in real danger and her stalker is becoming violent. While they’re racing against a ticking clock they’re also discovering feelings for each other. Will they discover the truth, will they survive to find where those feelings will lead, will fact once again be stranger than fiction.
Buy the book here visit the author's website here

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