Monday, September 10, 2012

Review of Off The Grid by PJ Tracy

Off The Grid
P. J. Tracy
G. P. Putnam’s Sons
320 pages

In total uncharacteristic style Monkeewrench partner Grace McBride traded in her usual armor of boots, black and guns for attire more appropriate for sailing off the Florida Keys where she ended up after solving a case and taking former FBI agent John Smith up on his offer. But just when she’s feeling safe danger appears in the form of assassins targeting John.
About the same time back in Minneapolis homicide detectives Magozzi and Rolseth are investigating the murder of a Native American girl who was kidnapped from the reservation, which leads to rescue of the other girls kidnapped with her who are found hidden in the house where a double murder has been committed, soon after another blood bath occurs which has the cops scrambling and the FBI not far behind.
With John Smith “Off The Grid” and Grace back at the Monkeewrench headquarters leading the charge to find out what’s going on, things are back to normal after her months at sea, back with her associates and her conflicting relationship with Leo Magozzi. The  investigation is telling them that these incidents are related and there’s a much bigger threat on the horizon and the connecting dots are all leading back to John Smith, which puts the Monkeewrench team smack dab in the middle of the bulls eye.
The mother/daughter writing team that makes P.J. Tracy produces one of the most exciting, entertaining and terrifying series of crime drama out there and this is one of their best. This novel deals with real threats we’re under today and they’ve dealt with it in their usual irreverent style. Their dialogue is fast paced, nail biting action that took my heartbeat from zero to sixty that’s a mix of intense drama and humor. Their starring characters of Monkeewrench are a group of misfits that made a family from tragedy that always win my heart, along with the cop duo of Magozzi and Rolseth that are a fitting tribute to all they represent. Their villains are some of the most terrifying and degraded I’ve ever read.
So if you’re looking for an exceptional crime drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat this should be your next must read.
P.J. Tracy thank you for this incredible journey and I can’t wait for the next one.
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  1. I've been sitting on this book since I finished it, not sure where to start with my review. I'm not even sure what I think of the book yet. reading your review of it may have pushed me in a direction, but I think my brain is still a bit fuzzy on this one.

    1. Ryan, I can tell just by your reply that this is the first one in the series you've read. And unfortunately this is a series that does not stand well on it's own with out the background of these very complicated characters. If you just read the story without the character interactions you might be okay, but who can do that.
      Knowing the kinds of mystery, thrillers you like I think you'll really enjoy this very dark series.
      Thanks for the comment

  2. Great review. I love this series. The authors are a lot of fun during a book signing. I went a few years ago for the one of the earlier books.

    1. Luanne, I'm green with envy.
      You know I was pretty perturbed with the authors for taking two years between novels until I read the dedication which mentioned they had endured a personal tragedy, now I feel like a heel
      thanks for the comment

  3. Yes it was a long wait between books. I was worried about the gap and if I would still like the series. But I think it was a really good book. I hope to read more books with Monkeewrench.