Monday, October 1, 2012

Guest author Duffy Brown talks about her new novel Iced Chiffon

New Release Feature Iced Chiffon by Duffy Brown

Please welcome Duffy Brown to the General Fiction forum

Debbie - Duffy, this is the first in your brand new mystery series.
Can you tell us a bit about the novel and the new series?
Duffy - Hi, Debbie, wonderful being here.  You might wonder why in the world a consignment shop? Well, I’ve worked in one for fifteen years and have gotten such really great deals. We don’t have any dead bodies in our dressing rooms but wouldn’t it be something if we did!
See, that’s now my brain works. LOL
The series is Consignment Shop mysteries. The first book, Iced Chiffon, is out Oct 2, the second, Killer in Crinolines is out May, 2013. The setting is Savannah and in Iced Chiffon Reagan Summerside’s  ex has kicked her to the curb for a new Cupcake. She’s dead, the ex accused of the murder and Reagan has to find the real killer or the ex will sell her house to pay his legal fees. Such a nice guy.
In Killer in Crinolines, Reagan helps a BFF accused of killing her fiancée.
The consignment shop part comes in where Reagan opens one in her old Victorian to help pay the bills. Victorian’s are money-pits of the first order.

You also write as Dianne Castell.
Why the pseudonym?
Dianne Castell is my romance name. When I switched to mystery I had to change so readers wouldn’t pick up Iced Chiffon thinking romance. Wow, would that be a shock! J I chose Duffy because Kate Duffy was my editor at Kensington. I loved her dearly and she died much too young. Brown came from Roberta Brown, the best agent on planet.
How long have you been a published author?
Over twenty years now. Started with Harlequin American then went to Kensington.  Great memories!

How is this release different from your first novel, how is it the same?
Mystery is way different than romance. Like starting all over again and that’s fine.  I’ve met many new friends and keep up with my romance buddies and readers.  I always had mystery in my romance stories and decided I liked writing the mystery part better than the romance so took the plunge. Now I kill people for fun and profit. LOL

Do you belong to a writer’s group?
I belong to Sisters in Crime but I write alone. I’m not a big believer in critique groups. I had some bad experiences. Your voice sells your work. Besides, no one knows what sells but the editor. That’s who you listen to. Other writes are just that…writers. They aren’t editors.

What are you working on now?
The third book in the series is Pearls and Poison. Also, I working on a new series. Wish me luck!

In both your pen names you set your novels in the South.
Why is that?
My daughter went to Savannah for school and I fell in love with the city. Gorgeous! Perfect place to set a book. Small enough to walk across, large enough to be diverse…rich, poor, projects, belles, gangs, politicians. All the elements that makes for a good read. And then there’s the food! Lordy, I love Southern cooking. In Iced Chiffon we eat our way across the city. Yummmm.

If you could vacation anywhere, where would you go?
I did Glacier National Park two years ago. As close as one gets to heaven on this planet. Did whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon…spiritual! Next stop is Yosemite. I love to hike!

I’m sure your fans here at B& would love to meet you in person.
Do you have any B&N events or signings?
Yes! In Columbus, Ohio Sept 29-30.  If anyone wants to meet at B&N for lunch here in Cincy, just email me.
Thanks so much for having me, Debbie. Nothing more fun than talking books at B&N.
Hugs, Duffy

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For all of you reading this, Duffy is offering a special thank you to fans here at B& Simply email her through her website, mention that you saw this post for more details.
And she’ll be stopping by for a day or two to say hi to any and all who’d like to chat with her. If you miss her here be sure and visit her on Becke’s Mystery forum later in the month.


  1. Thanks for the interview, Debbie. Love your site.

  2. Thanks Duffy, that means a lot coming from such a great author like you :)