Friday, October 26, 2012

Review of Sleep No More by Iris Johansen

Sleep No More
Iris Johansen
St. Martin’s Press
ISBN13: 9780312651244
400 pages
Eve and Joe are once again thrown into a myriad of murder and mayhem when it’s discovered that Eve’s not her mother Sandra’s only child. No the year before Eve was conceived Sandra had another daughter, Beth who’s politically and prominent paternal family literally bought the child from the arms of 14 year old Sandra. Unbeknown to Eve Sandra has kept up with this child, from her childhood in European boarding schools, to her nearly fatal skiing accident and now to her disappearance from the mental hospital she’s been in all the years since. Sandra wants Joe’s help to find Beth and although Eve has mixed feelings about the discovery and Sandra’s request, she and Joe go to find Beth. What they discover goes deep into the realm of criminal, psychopathic and even sociopathic behavior and the ultimate mastermind will shock everyone involved even the  newly discovered sisters who’s encounter has been halting and disquieting. and who’s survival is questionable at the least.

Iris Johansen has entertained and terrified me for years with her Eve Duncan thrillers as well as her stand-a-lone and co-authored novels with her son Roy. She never disappoints me and in this one she shocks me to find yet another avenue for her protagonist Eve Duncan to travel when she throws an un-known sister into her plot. The storyline is as incredible as it is imaginative with twists and evil turns one after another as she speeds me along on her on her fast pace, nail-biting journey. Her tried and true characters are joined by an old friend from her last book co-authored with her son Roy along with new stars on each side of the morality fence. Even though this is not a romance novel the love scenes between Eve and Joe never cease to awe me in their intensity and honesty and above all their love for each other. If you’ve never read Iris, it’s definitely worth your while to do so and even though this is part of a many novel series it stands well on it’s own.
To you Ms. Johansen I say thank you for your wonderful stories, your great characters and your inventive plot lines. I can’t wait to see where you take me on our next adventure.
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