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Guest Blog post & visit by Laura Griffin NY Times Bestselling author

 Today I'm honored to have bestselling author Laura Griffin visiting my forum at B&N.com so please click the link and stop by.

Laura Griffin
Oct. 30, 2012
Thank you, Deb, for inviting me to be here with your group. I’m not sure if I ever told you that my nickname as a kid was “Book Nook” because I liked to finish my schoolwork early and go find a quiet corner with my book... So I love being among people who love to read as much as I do.
I’m thrilled to be here to talk about my latest suspense novel SCORCHED. This is the sixth book in my Tracers series, which has taken on a life of its own… and before anyone runs away, let me answer two questions I get all the time: No, you do not have to read the Tracers books in order. Yes, each book can be read as a stand-alone.
I’ve often discovered a new author by picking up a book in the middle of a series, so I know how that goes. I don’t want new readers to feel lost, so each book has a stand-alone suspense plot and each book features a different lead couple. The Tracers books are all mysteries, with a love story woven in. I like for the characters to work hard and struggle and eventually get their hard-won Happily Ever After.
SCORCHED features two of my very favorite characters, forensic anthropologist Kelsey Quinn and Navy SEAL Gage Brewer. These two were quite an adventure to write (I got to interview SEALs! I got to visit a body farm!) and I hope you’ll enjoy their story.
Maybe it is because of my reporter roots, but I always have to meet and interview people in my character’s professions. I love to gather colorful details that I can use to bring the characters to life. So, to learn about SEALs, I read up on them and then interviewed a few (one via BlackBerry while he was stationed in Afghanistan). To learn about forensic anthropologists, I visited a body farm and got to hear all about the study of bones and how experts can use clues to provide leads for homicide investigators.
After getting a feel for my main characters, I sat down to write.
The story begins with Gage on a daring SEAL rescue mission and Kelsey stationed halfway around the world doing a humanitarian dig in the Philippines. She is excavating bones of people killed in a massacre and comes across something that doesn’t fit. As Kelsey investigates the mystery back home in the United States, she becomes mixed up in a murder. Kelsey goes on the run, and that’s when she crosses paths with Gage, the man who once broke her heart and now must help save her life.
Like the other Tracers books, SCORCHED features some forensic twists and turns. It was fun to weave several SEAL action scenes into the novel, too. Navy SEALs make terrific heroes because there is nothing these guys cannot do. They are dedicated. They are determined. And they are literally unstoppable when it comes to fighting for what matters to them. In this case, Gage is fighting not only for his country, but for the woman he loves.
I’ve got an excerpt posted on my web site at http://www.lauragriffin.com/books/scorched.php#excerpt. I look forward to talking to you all hear at B&N. If you have questions about the books, the series, or anything at all, please ask away!

My Review of Scorched
Laura Griffin
Pocket Books
Forensic Anthropologist Kelsey Quinn while on a dig in the Philippines finds skeletal remains of a homicide that gives her pause. Looking for answers she sends samples to her ex-fiancĂ©e Blake, an FBI agent. But answers is the last thing she receives when her ex is murdered, she’s the next supposed victim and has to run for her life, with no where turn and no one to trust because the killer wears a badge.
Navy SEAL Gage Brewer is blindsided by the two FBI agents waiting for him on his return from an op. It seems he’s high on the suspect list of Kelsey’s ex’s murder because of their past relationship. But Kelsey’s just as high on their list it seems and what really scares Gage is that no one’s seen Kelsey since before the murder, now his only concern is to find her alive because she still means the world to him.
Together Kelsey and Gage will be a united front against a formidable foe whose plot is beyond belief terrifying. They’ll also discover that their feelings for each other did not die with the end of their relationship. But love comes at a cost and if they survive the threat against them are they willing to pay the price.
Laura Griffin has amazed me before but this time she went above and beyond. I could not put this down, it kept me up late and glued to the pages as my heart sped and my pulse pounded with each new and frightening development, each new threat and each time the passion was just as affecting as the violence. Her characters Gage and Kelsey were so enigmatic, so engaging, and so real. Their stories so empathic that there was never a good guy or bad guy only lost chances that I could only hope see turned to second chances. Her storyline is as A-typed as her characters, it’s fast paced and angst filled and kept my stomach in knots and my nails bitten. The best thing about Laura’s Tracer series is both the fact that they read well as a stand-alone and that we get a glimpse of our old friends and their new lives as we go.
Thank you for an awe-inspiring romance and a fearful thriller in one read, it’ll take a while for my distress to lessen, but by then I’ll be more than ready for your next roller-coaster ride.
If you like the novels of Nelson DeMille, Lisa Gardner and John Sandford. I think you’ll really love Laura Griffin.

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