Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Review of Edge of Black by J T Ellison

Edge of Black
JT Ellison
368 pages

Dr. Samantha Owens is settling into her new life in DC. She still mourns her losses but she’s made new friends, has a new career path and has a new love. And now she also has another disaster on her capable hands. What looks like a terrorist attack on the DC subway is taking a new and devious turn. It seems an unknown substance has been released, one that has killed not hundreds not thousands but three, with no apparent relationship to each other. Her friend detective Darren Fletcher needs a favor, needs her to don her medical examiner persona and find answers to some disturbing questions. The authorities are headed in one direction, but is it the right direction. Will there be more attacks, will more die or is this heinous crime something very different than what it looks like at face value. Sam will use her extensive knowledge as a forensic pathologist to search for answers. It will put she and her lover, former Army Ranger, Xander Whitfield in imminent danger from not only a most allusive and deadly villain but from detective Fletcher and the authorities too.

JT Ellison just keeps getting better and better. She turned a co-star from her bestselling Taylor Jackson series, Samantha Owens, into a superstar in her own right. This time she takes us deep into a terrifying ordeal that’s not too far removed from what we all fear today. She gives us a storyline not only realistic, but feasible. Her impeccable research is evident as she takes us through this non-stop action packed terror filled tale using her customary no nonsense narrative in which she deposits some well placed prose which gives more dimension to the novel and to her characters. Her stars we’ve met before but she’s giving us more in depth information about them now, more secrets revealed, more dreams uncovered, making them more approachable and she introduces us to many more characters some good, some bad and some we wonder which side of the fence they’re on. If you love the thrillers of Lisa Gardner or Lisa Jackson, Nelson DeMille or John Sandford you’ll love this new explosive thriller by JT Ellison.
JT you never cease to amaze me as you delve into topics that make me shiver and I can’t wait until the next chill.
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