Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review of Friendship Makes The Heart Grow Fonder by Lisa Verge Higgins

Friendship Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
Lisa Verge Higgins
Grand Central Publishing -5 Spot
352 pages
Release Date 3/19/2013

Monique lost her husband Lenny to cancer four years ago, and she’s had his “bucket list” hanging over her head, so when she learns that a friend is suffering a loss of her own she proposes a preposterous idea.
Becky has just gotten news that’s making her already dimming eyes more cloudy, she’s got children to raise and a troubled marriage to figure out, she’s got no time for going blind. When her friend and neighbor who’s suffered a loss of her own suggests completing her dead husband’s bucket list she thinks it’s the craziest idea ever.
Judy is suffering a huge case of empty nest syndrome that’s left her at loose ends which makes her feel small when she learns of Becky’s situation and thinks of the loss that Monique has suffered, especially since her married life is in good working order. But when Monique invites her on this complete the bucket list trip, she’s all for it.
This journey will mean different things to these three friends who’ve all suffered loss, who’re all at a fork in their particular road. Will they be enlightened or will this trip just make their losses more real. Will Monique find closure, and resolve to live again? Will Becky come to terms with her diagnosis, can she face what ever waits for her at home? Will Judy find a new reason to get up in the morning when she’s got no to do list to complete?

Lisa Verge Higgins has delivered another masterpiece in fiction and what makes it especially memorable is how she really “gets” friendship, the unique relationships that defines kindred spirits. She takes reality to a new height  and she delivers it not with the happy endings we find in romance and yet not with unhappy endings either, what she gives instead is a realistic recipe for life, served with a huge helping of hope. Her plot is not far fetched, it could happen to you or someone you know. Her narrative flows and her characters shine and no matter who you are or where you are in your particular life journey you will find a bit of you inside her pages.
Lisa you’ve taken me around the world more than once now and each time I find something new to love about what you lovingly have to say. So wherever in the world you plan on going next I’m in.
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