Monday, November 26, 2012

Review of Ember's Kiss by Deborah Cooke

Ember’s Kiss
Deborah Cooke

Brandon Merrick is a dragon shape shifter, a Pyr only he thinks of himself as a monster, he doesn’t know about his heritage because of an absent father. He’s focusing on surfing the Hawaiian waves while getting help from his old Chinese friend to save him from his dragon-self. But now there’s another fly in the ointment during an eclipse Brandon’s firestorm erupts, (when the Pyr find their one true mate), and what a woman she is but it’s also causing his dragon to take control.
Marine Biologist, Liz Bennett is also in denial, she’s running from a past full of magic and legends too hurtful to remember, so she’s come to the islands to start over. But before she can even unpack her suitcase she’s literally hit by the sensual sparks coming from a gorgeous surfer and she never knew what hit her. Worse it unleashes her thought dead powers.
Liz and Brandon are alight in the newfound light of the firestorm and before the sparks die down nature is erupting in catastrophe, but there’s nothing natural about it. A terrible enemy has them in their sights and will do anything to end them. The other Pyr have sensed the firestorm and are on their way to help, if they can reach them in time. Will the firestorm bring them together forever or will it burn them to ashes.

Deborah Cooke’s excellence in world building just keeps getting better and better and her characters just keep getting more interesting. This time she brings us a man who’s ignorance of his heritage gets him in a world of trouble and a woman who’s knowledge of hers scares the daylights out of her and we get to watch as the magic of Deborah’s words give them life and meaning and make them fall in love as well. Her plot of fantasy and contemporary mixes like the perfect ingredients of a time loved recipe, her characters keep the pages turning and the nails bitten to the quick. And the romance, oh the romance is poetic how she makes these not so ordinary folks bow to the altar of extraordinary love. As with every series they’re best read in order but she also makes each one stand well on it’s own.
Deborah yours is always one of my must reads and always keepers on my shelves.
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photo credit: Michelle Rowen

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