Thursday, August 27, 2015

Goodbye Summer – September 2015 Line Up

Yeah its a very bittersweet time of year for me. While I love the crispness of autumn weather I know what's coming right around the corner too!

Here's whats on tap for September on The Reading Frenzy

September 1- Interview with Kim Harrison about her debut series novel The Drafter

September 2- I am so excited about this
Dinner + meet and greet at my local library with Kristan Higgins whose touring with her new release If You Only Knew

September 3 - Interview/Giveaway with H Terrell Griffin Chasing Justice

September 8 - Interview Nicole Dweck - The Debt of Tamar

September 11- Interview Kate Forsyth - The Wild Girl

September 14 - Monica Beggs by Sheri Fredericks Blog Tour stop

September 16 - Interview Karen Katchur- The Secrets of Lake Road

September 22 - I'm so excited to present debut author CA Higgins who is the daughter of my dear friend and author extraordinaire, Lisa Verge Higgins with her exciting wonderful Sci-Fi series debut novel Lightless - interview-review.

September 28 - I'm also excited to be a part of the Partners In Crime blog tour of yet another favorite author Mary Anna Evans upcoming novel Isolation I'll be featuring an interview and a review.

Well that's all I've got planned for now but I know there will be additions, subtractions and giveaways added on too, so the best way to stay on top of things is to visit every day.

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  1. Really excited to see the Kim Harrison interview, she has quickly become a favorite of mine!

    I love fall as well but you are right, it seems like it only lasts a month and then boom, winter. My least favorite of the seasons. At least the holidays make it more worth it right? :P

    1. Thanks Ali. I can't wait to get to my copy of The Drafter. Here's hoping for a mild winter!

  2. Awesome line up, the Drafter rocked and I look forward to your interview with Kim.

    1. Oh I'm jealous Kim, can't wait to dig into my copy!

  3. September sounds great. Have just read Kate Forsyth's new one and have to say I liked it very much. I haven't read her Wild Girl yet.

    1. Thanks Kathryn glad you liked Kate's novel I can't wait to dig into her new one about the wife of one of the Brothers' Grimm!

  4. I'm so glad Fall is almost here. Woohoo! And awesome schedule for September :) Can't wait.

  5. I know you're ready for Fall Anna, I've listened to your endless days of heat in Summer.