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**Giveaway** Interview - Kim Harrison - The Drafter

I'm so thrilled to have the amazing Ms. Kim Harrison visiting the blog today talking about her new, debut to a new series, novel, The Drafter.
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ISBN-13: 9781501128592
Series: The Peri Reed Chronicles #1
Publisher: Gallery Books/Simon&Schuster
Release Date: 09/01/2015
Length: 432pp
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The Bourne Identity meets Minority Report in this first highly anticipated installment in #1 New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison’s sexy new suspense trilogy, featuring a brilliant special task agent at the top of her field and set in a futuristic Detroit.

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Kim Im pinching myself to have one of my all time favorite authors visit the blog.
Tell my readers about your debut novel, The Drafter.
Thank you! I’m so glad to be here and have a chance to chat with your readers. In a nutshell, The Drafter is Bourne Identity meets Minority Report. While on task, special agent Peri Reed realizes her partner has put her name at the top of a list of corrupt agents. Abandoning her employer and partner both, she has only her intuition to guide her as she tries to clear her name and bring down the agency that trained her.

The Drafter is also the start to a new series/trilogy, as a reader I always have mixed feelings about starting a new series, apprehension, excitement.
Whats it like for you to start a new series?
After ten years writing in one character’s voice, it’s very freeing to tell a story from another person’s point of view. I miss the surety of sitting down at my desk every morning and knowing exactly how every character I’m working with will react in any given situation, but that is dwarfed by the thrill of getting to create an entirely new world, new technology, new ideas. I think my established readers will enjoy Peri Reed. She has lots of talent, lots of skill, and one, slight, boyfriend issue.

When you start a new series does it mean an old one is finished or do you at times write more than one?
I’m able to work on several things at once, but I generally try not to start anything new until that last rough draft of the previous commitment is done. I’m happiest when I can devote my entire energies to what is currently pulling my attention. That’s not what happened with Peri. I wrote her first story before I started the last Hollows book. I think it was because I needed to reassure myself that I had an idea that was going to keep me motivated before I could give Rachel my undivided attention and write the ending I wanted to give her—100% and nothing held back.

Kim youll be touring with this release (check below for tour details)
Do you tour with each book, the first in a new series, something totally different?
It been my good fortune do be able to do a ten- to fifteen-city tour with the release of a novel for some time now , but I didn’t start that way, and I totally remember sitting in front of my local Walden’s book store for an hour hand selling five books. I’m very active with my readers, and the chance to see them every year is a treat.

Youve been a published author now for more than a decade.
What do you think youd be doing now if the writing bug had never bit you?
What would I be doing if I hadn’t taken up writing? That’s a hard question to answer. Writing filled a niche in my personality that little else can. Whatever it would be, it would have to be something where I could be creative every day, not necessarily in the same way. It would have to have a real impact on people so I would remain motivated and feel as if I was making a difference in the world. It would have to be something that allowed me lots of alone time to sort through the options, and it would have to be complex enough to keep me focused and looking at how things relate to each other. I truly have no idea. A research scientist, maybe? That’s what I went to school for.

Do you have favorite books/series/characters.
I enjoy reading Faith Hunter, Vicki Pettersson, and Jocelyn Drake. I’ve recently found YA author Pierce Brown, and I look forward to his next novel.

With a fabulous array of fantasy novels under your belt is there another genre youd like to or have seriously been thinking of dipping your toes in?
Well . . . though written in my attention-to-relationship style, The Drafter is more of a SF thriller. (No magic vampires allowed!) And I’ve done YA, scripted a couple of graphic novels, and created a very elaborate world book like no other. Trying new things is not new to me, but I’ll probably settle comfortably here for a while.  No dipping of toes, but rather a full run-and-jump cannon ball. I’m hoping it is a springboard to a wider audience as the next thing perking in my head is totally off the wall and extremely hard to put a label on, and I need to expand my reputation of writing of a good story rather than to a genre.

Kim thank you so much for taking the time to let me chat with you!
Good Luck with the new novel!
Thank you! It was my pleasure.

If you live in any of the places listed in Kim's tour schedule you might just see this rolling down a road near you.

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MEET KIM:Kim Harrison, author of the New York Times #1 best selling Hollows series, was born in Detroit and lived most her her life within an easy drive. She's currently working on the Peri Reed Chronicles, and when not at her desk, is most likely to be found landscaping her new/old Victorian home, in the garden, or on the links.
Kim reaches out to her audience at Facebook https://www.facebook.com/KimHarrisons... 

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  1. It really would be weird and freeing I would think to get to be a different voice after ten years in the same one!
    Wonderful review. I can't wait to read this!!

  2. She is a genius to me. I want to know how she created this story. The premise sounds plausible!

  3. This novel sounds intriguing and unique. I have been waiting for this novel. Thanks. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. I love Pierce Brown too. Wonderful interview, I loved Drafter and cannot wait for more Peri

  5. The tour bus is so awesome. Crazy! She'll be in Raleigh this weekend and I'm going to meet up with a few others there. So fun to have gotten to interview a favorite of yours!

    1. Oh I'm so glad Anna, in fact I was going to email you today and tell you she was coming your way!
      Tonight is my dinner and event w/the fab Ms. Kristan Higgins :)