Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Interview with Sherryl Woods - Willow Brook Road

Please welcome Sherryl Woods to the blog, she hasn't been her personally but I've featured her books here before. Sherryl's celebrating the release of her newest Chesapeake Shores series, Willow Brook Road.

ISBN-13: 9780778317661
Publisher: Mira
Release Date: 09/29/2015
Length: 384pp
Buy It: B&N/Amazon/Kobo/IndieBound/Audible


#1 New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods sweeps readers away with the story of a beloved member of the O'Brien family as she claims the life she's always dreamed of
Spirited, spontaneous Carrie Winters has grown up under the watchful eyes of not only her grandfather Mick O'Brien, but the entire town of Chesapeake Shores.
Now that she's home from Europe, a glamorous fashion career behind her and her heart broken, there seem to be far too many people watching to see if she'll live up to the expectations her family has for her.

Please welcome #1 NYT bestselling author Sherryl Woods to The Reading Frenzy!
Sherryl, welcome!
Please tell my readers a little about Willow Brook Road.
From the very first book in the series, The Inn at Eagle Point, readers have come to love Abby's twin daughters, Carrie and Caitlyn. I've aged the girls in "soap opera time," in other words, very quickly. In Willow Brook Road, Carrie's all grown up, recovering from not only a broken heart, but the crash of her career in the fashion industry. Back in Chesapeake Shores, she's doing some serious soul-searching about who she is and what she wants for her future. Enter Sam Winslow just when she least expects to fall in love again. Sam has some big-time issues of his own as he heals from a tragedy that has left him with the responsibility of raising his nephew. The timing for the two of them could be the worst ever...or absolutely perfect.

This is part of your Chesapeake Shores series.
For those who don’t know: Are they best read in order, or do they stand well by themselves?
I always tell readers that each book in this or any of my series has its own beginning, middle and end in terms of plot. However, the relationships of the characters grow and evolve over time. Lots of folks don't find that at all confusing, but others do. In the end it's purely a matter of personal preference.

Congratulations on The Hallmark Channel’s adapting your Chesapeake Shores series into a TV show.
What’s the latest on the timeline?
The cameras are scheduled to start rolling in Vancouver on September 15. We won't have an airdate until later this fall. The wonderful Treat Williams will play the family patriarch Mick O'Brien with Jesse Metcalfe starring as Trace Riley, Abby's old love with whom she was reunited in the first book of the series. They couldn't have found two better men for the roles. As of today, I'm still awaiting confirmation of other casting. I've learned just how much care and attention goes into getting this exactly right, even if it does turn me into a nail-biting wreck!

Sherryl, congratulations on being a published author for more than 30 years and having published more than 100 books.
What has kept your muse alive for you for all of these years?
I credit a journalism background, which trained me to always be alert to great story possibilities. All these years later, I can't hear a fire engine or a police cruiser siren without wanting to know what's going on and if I overhear an intriguing bit of conversation, I absolutely have to know the ending...or make up my own.

Keeping on this theme, what is the most rewarding part of being an author for you?
Being in touch with readers. Nothing can pick me up on a tough day like hearing from someone that they've loved a book, that they can relate to the characters or that the story has gotten them through a difficult time. That connection with fans means the world to me.

Sherryl, it seems many journalists progress into novelists.
Why do you think they make good authors?
Partly because of what I mentioned before, we're attuned to great stories. In addition, after doing lots of interviews, I think we learn to listen, which makes writing dialogue easier and more natural. And then, from a business perspective, we've learned that deadlines aren't just suggestions. That makes working with our publishers so much easier.

Is there a certain time of day that’s most productive for writing?
I'm a morning person, so I'm always on the computer by 7 or so and write until I've met my page count for the day. I use afternoons for answering emails and other business aspects of the job.

What’s the last book you recommended to a friend?
The Louise Penny mysteries. They're set in a small Canadian town with intriguing plots and wonderfully complex characters. 

Sherryl, a visit to your website shows me your letter to your fans is up to date.
How often do you update your fansites?
I do major updates when there's a new book coming out, with other updates to my author letter and contests more frequently. My Facebook fan page is probably the most up-to-date of everything. I learned how to do posts and upload pictures -- for technologically-challenged me that was a coup -- so I sometimes do several posts a week on there. It'll be the best place to keep up with the Chesapeake Shores movie news.

Sherryl, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.
Will you be attending any events/signings for this release?
Unfortunately the release date coincides with some previous commitments, so mostly I'll be chatting with readers online through wonderful folks like you. Anyone with questions can always contact me through my website, www.sherrylwoods.com or "like" my Facebook fan page.
Thanks so much for having me here!

Connect with Sherryl - Website - Facebook - Goodreads

 With two other careers to her credit before becoming a novelist and four states in which she's lived for extended periods of time, Sherryl Woods has collected friends and memories, along with way too much unnecessary junk.
"The friends are the only things I've brought with me through the years that really matter," she says. "I could probably live without one more chintz teacup, another tin-litho sandpail or another snowglobe, but I need those friends."
The theme of enduring friendships and families is always central to Sherryl's books, including her latest Chesapeake Shores series — THE INN AT EAGLE POINT, FLOWERS ON MAIN and HARBOR LIGHTS.
Author of more than 100 romance and mystery novels, Sherryl Woods grew up in Virginia. Over the years she had lived in Ohio and Florida, as well as California. Currently she divides her time between Key Biscayne, Florida and Colonial Beach, Virginia, the small, river-front town where she spent her childhood summers.

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  1. How very exciting for the author an fans of the series that this is being made into a TV series! Truly that is awesome!!

  2. oh yes!! TV series, I am absolutely excited about this :DD

  3. Love the Chesapeake Shores series and all of Sherryl Woods' books--thanks for another fabulous interview, Debbie Haupt!

    1. Hey Brenda, Hi (waving) its so good to see one of my favorite authors stopping by!

  4. Jesse M is a hunk! And hallmark makes fab feel good series. Will check it out when it airs

  5. Hopefully it will come out on DVD too at some point and I'll be able to get it Down Under. At present I am reading through the Sweet Magnolias - nearly done and then I'll restart this one, have read one or two but will need to reread to find my feet again in this series.

    1. Fingers crossed for this for you Kathryn! Thanks for stoppingby!

  6. Oh that sounds like the book for me. I have a thing for hero's raising kids. I've never tried one of her books but always meant to.

    1. Me too Anna. They are sweet maybe a bit on the tame side for wild women like us but still very enjoyable