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**Giveaway** Interview with A.M. Sterling & Suzanne Wilson- Immersed in Fire:Trial by Seduction + review

Today I'm happy to introduce the husband and wife writing team of A.M. Sterling plus their co-author Suzanne Wilson. Its rare when I answer a request to review but I had a little spare time and the novel blurb spoke to me so I gave it a try. Boy am I glad I did. Read on to find out why during our conversation and my review that follows. The authors are also sponsoring TWO autographed printed copies for a giveaway, details below.
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ISBN-13: 978-1515096610
Publisher:  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date: 08/31/2015
Length: 178pp
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“I didn’t give up my life when I left town with Cade, I began it.” 
From a new team of indie-authors, comes the first of an explosive new romance/mystery series that will leave you gasping for air. 
When shy, awkward, twenty-eight year old Veta Keller met tall, dark and handsome Caden Poe in her brother’s law office where she worked, she would have never dreamed that meeting would lead her on a journey that would span three continents and over 13,000 miles. Caden Poe has been arrested and charged with the murders of five young women in the Los Angeles area. Refusing to be swayed by the flimsy circumstantial evidence that the state has against him, Veta becomes his biggest champion. Cade is out on bail and Veta finds herself falling quickly in love with him...then another girl is found floating in a pool and Cade’s freedom is once again hanging in the balance. With the possibility of Cade returning to jail and even his own attorney believing he’s guilty, Cade and Veta embark on a journey of love, romance, passion…and murder. 

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Immersed in Fire: Trial By Seduction
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Hi, Ashley, Mitch, and Suzanne, welcome to The Reading Frenzy.
Tell my readers just a bit about Trial by Seduction.
(Ashley and Mitch)Thank you very much for having us!
(Ashley and Mitch)Immersed in Fire; Trial by seduction is the first in a new Romance/Mystery series that we wrote in a collaboration with Suzanne Wilson. It is our very first experience in the world of fiction and we are so excited to share it with everyone! The story follows the trial of Caden Poe, who is accused of being a serial killer that drowns all of his victims. It's told through the eyes of Veta Keller, who has fallen deeply in love with him as she replays her memories of their romantic attempted escape together in the months leading up to the trial. During their trip, which spans 3 continents, their romance is always tainted by the stress of the accusations and by the fact that more murders seem to follow them no matter where they go. Veta will be Cade's biggest champion and believe in him when everyone else, including his own attorney, does not. 

Tell us a little about the two of you and how you came to be co-authors and your collaboration?
(Ashley and Mitch)Well, we are a wife and husband team, currently living in Lexington, Ky and we go by A.M. Sterling. The ‘A’ for for Ashley and the ‘M’ is Mitch. We are proud parents of two beautiful children, Nova and Mars and we work together on almost all things, including our books. Our books are independently created, published, and marketed by us.
(Ashley and Mitch)When we first decided to move forward with this novel, we really didn’t have any experience with writing this type of book. Our previous book was educational non-fiction which is a far cry from romance/mystery fiction. It started out that we were just going to do some fictional short stories but, as the story developed, we realized that this story has got to be a series of novels…and we knew we would need some help. It is very important to us to do something right; even if that means getting a little assistance. Suzanne was suggested to us by a mutual acquaintance whom we immediately contacted. We presented her with our idea for this novel and she just really got excited about it. We all dug in hard after that. Along the way, we got to know her on a bit more personal level and leaned what a truly wonderful person she is. We’re very glad to have met her and look forward to continuing to work together on the rest of this series.
(Suzanne) I was contacted by Mitch and Ashley and asked if I’d like to help them on this. The outline was pretty much done by that point and I could already see it in my head. I’ve done a couple of other collaborations before this, one was with Sunny Rubin on her memoirs Mafia Mother-In-Law and I have also co-authored four books with author Eve Paludan. I love writing with other authors because you have the advantage of sounding things off of them when you’re having a hard time putting something together in your own head. Ashley and Mitch have been so nice and fun to work with. I’m excited about our next book!

How does your collaboration work, do you each write separate chapters, are you in charge of certain characters, scenes.
Can you explain this to us please?
(Ashley and Mitch)Haha…we wish we were that organized! So far, it seems to start out with a plot that we (Ashley and Mitch) put together and agree on. “Agree on” is a lot harder than those two words would suggest, but we eventually get there. We send that outline to Suzanne and she gives her input. Then she actually begins the writing process and we begin swapping chapters around for changes and rewrites until we finally come to an agreement that each chapter is complete and wrote to all of our satisfaction. We don’t really divide chapters, characters, or scenes. The most organization we probably maintain is the fact that the story starts out as an outline; not that the outline is rigid by any stretch of the imagination because we do tend to stray from it, every now and then, and let the story develop on its own. It’s not a science, but it works. I’m sure, if we did more collabs with her, the process would get more fluid.
(Suzanne) I am absolutely without a doubt not organized at all when it comes to my writing. My writing is character driven so I write when they’re willing to talk to me J Ashley and Mitch put up with this very patiently!!

Ashley and Mitch, you’ve also written some educational non-fiction.
What caused you to dip your toes in fiction?
(Ashley and Mitch)Good question. The idea of endless possibilities was probably the biggest draw for us. Once we talked about it together and began to develop the first story, we were like kids in a candy store. The ideas started flowing as if something had relit the fire of our imaginations. To then see our ideas come to life, to read them back to ourselves in vivid color and definition was simply breath-taking. We’re hooked. The possibility of us continuing to experiment with other fictional genres is present as well. To consider us new to fiction is a drastic understatement so we do plan to try some different things and just see what we enjoy the most.

I have to tell you that I don’t normally accept review requests from authors but I had some extra time and the novel looked interesting so I said yes and I’m so glad I did.
What has been the most unexpected reaction from readers so far?
(Ashley and Mitch)We love the reactions we’ve gotten so far! Most have been very excited to read it and some have been quite mad at us for not having book two complete already! We didn’t really count on that. We loved the story and the way it unraveled but, to have others love it and be as excited about it as we are, is fantastic. We sent a few copies out, asking for brutal honesty, and, so far, the response has been better than we could’ve imagined.

Are you working on the next installation and will it be a trilogy or are there more than three books planned?
(Ashley and Mitch)Yes, we are working on book two as we speak. We know the basic details and, at this point, are just making it sing…giving it a little rhythm and harmony you know? There are some very special moments that require a lot of attention to perfect and a lot of small details to fill in but we are so excited to see it come together!
(Ashley and Mitch)Immersed in Fire will easily become a trilogy. We have future plans for a longer series but we’ll stay somewhat traditional with this one for now. We’ll see how response to all three books go and honestly just go from there. Like a great concert, if tons of folks are cheering for an encore, surely we would be obliged create one.
(Suzanne) I am so excited that they invited me to continue to work on this series with them. I feel like there is so much more to Cade and Veta that one book wasn’t enough to really flesh them out. I’m also looking forward to being a part of Veta growing out of her naivety somewhat and coming into her own as a strong woman (maybe in part III) J

Usually book two in a trilogy is the darkest, my timbers are shivering just thinking about it because book one was pretty dark.
Will your book two follow this rule and be the darkest?
(Ashley and Mitch)We would love to have an answer for you here but we just don’t. We do know how it all ends but honestly not a lot of the details from book three. This fact alone makes it very hard to elect book two as darker or darkest. We can say, however, that For the Love of My Life will easily be darker than book one; on that we would probably all agree. The pace is also quite speedier as well. The ending is very dark and hard to swallow but, of course, sets you up for the last book.
(Suzanne) I see Cade as a dark guy but also as someone who doesn’t enjoy being that way…thus Veta. Veta is his only light and you have to wonder what he would do if she ever decided she’s had enough….?

Can you give us a hint of what’s to come?
(Ashley and Mitch)For the Love of My Life is going to be a little different animal than Trial by Seduction. I think you’ll want to have a very ‘Just hold on and grip the rails!’ kind of mentality to survive it. Book two is the answer to many of the questions we’ve received in reviews by design. Some folks have wanted to get to know Cade a bit better, so even though we already had the story laid out, we added a little more detail about him to give the reader a more personalized idea of who he really is. Other characters are detailed a bit more as well.
(Suzanne) My lips are sealed ;)

Thank you for chatting with me today.
Good luck with the novel and the trilogy!
(Ashley and Mitch)Thank you, as well, for the chat and for your willingness to read Immersed in Fire; Trial by Seduction and review it! We appreciate the opportunity to let readers get to know us more as well!
(Suzanne) Thank you Ashley and Mitch for including me in this interview and thank you for allowing me to speak to the readers that we cherish!! I do so much appreciate you and your willingness to give us an honest review of our work. It thrills me when a reader loves what I write and that’s why we do this!! Thank you!

My Review

Be prepared for pulse pounding suspense in this Noir, Alfred Hitchcock-ish, psychological thriller that packs a powerful punch in an economy of pages. The authors tell the story from the POV of the female protagonist dropping subtle hints along the way both for the prosecution and the defense to strategically let readers decide what to believe. The characters and settings are perfect for the tale and between the adrenaline rush filled fugitive run and the intense courtroom trial they masterfully fill in the back-story blanks, without solving the crimes and leaving readers well acquainted with all involved and panting for book two in the trilogy.
Plain Jane, nothing exiting ever happens to her, Veta Kellers life turned upside down the day she walked into her brothers office and fell head over heels, at first sight in love. Trouble is, her brother is a high-powered LA defense attorney and the man who stole her heart is his client, Caden Poe, an out on bail, accused serial killer. Against her brothers wishes she becomes involved with Cade who has convinced her of his innocence and that hes being framed. When things spiral out of control after another victim is found she and Cade find themselves in a race against time, fleeing from justice in a year-long international cat and mouse game that ends with a mounting body count and their capture. Now theyre in for the fight of his life and Veta only has her testimony to prove to the jury, the authorities and her brother that Cade is innocent, something shes absolutely sure of. Because shes not naïve, or stupid and she wouldnt fall for the lies of a psychopathic killer. Would she?

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MEET ASHELY AND MITCH:Ashley and Mitchell Sterling are new author/indie-publishers and video-bloggers on YouTube known as ‘Fly by Family’. When they’re not writing or talking to a camera lens, the Sterlings value their time together, in the beautiful bluegrass-laden wilderness of eastern Kentucky, where they live with their two children, Nova and Mars.

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  1. I love their co-author story! I think it is fun when there are more than one author on a series and I have to say, that cover is gorgeous! I love it!
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