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**Giveaway** Guest Post Sheri Fredericks - Monica Beggs Blog Tour

Welcome to my stop on the Monica Beggs Blog Tour - Enjoy a guest post by author Sheri Fredricks an excerpt and a tourwide giveaway.

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Release Date: 09/04/2015
Length: 242pp
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Famous porn star Monica Beggs has wrapped up another grueling on-location movie shoot when the Colombian cartel attempts to kidnap her. Their guns are as real as the price on her pretty head. 
Former Special Ops and present day surfer, Finn Daniels recognizes a lady in distress when he sees one—especially when it’s his adult film crush being hustled out the door. He’s no longer in the business of busting up the underworld, but that doesn’t deflect his moral compass. 

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Once in a while actors in the industry hooked-up and marriages bloomed, but those were rare instances. In those cases, both parties were aware of their partner’s job. Those in the business understood how intimate feelings never entered a filmed scene.        

At least with Moni they didn’t.

In the past, boyfriends accused her of cheating while she worked in front of the camera. In each circumstance, the insecure man thought she’d enjoyed herself a little too much. Most of the time she could barely tolerate a co-stars’ megalomaniac ego.

Shit…there was a reason she’d won so many AVN Awards.

I’m a damn good actress!

The very thing that had men attracted to her eventually drove them away. Each and every time.

By Sheri Fredricks

The personal story I’m about to share doesn’t highlight one of my proudest moments, but the lessons that have come from it outweigh any of the negatives.

When I started to write Remedy Maker back in 2012, I wrote from the heart with the hopes of a successful career for years to come. I had come to a place in my life were I longed for something more, something I’d be recognized for, and that became a key component in the character I developed.

The launch of Remedy Maker and subsequent books that followed may not have made best seller status but I felt proud of my accomplishments and the few writing awards that followed. What was not so thrilling was the intrusion of everyday life into my precious writing time.

With the downturn of the nation’s economy came a drop sales. Along with the revenue reduction, my state of California was being hit by the worst drought in 100 years. My husband and I faced the struggle to make ends meet. Our income went down and pirating of my books reached an all-time high. I was angry and frustrated. Why would thieving pirates come after me, a harmless, brand new author?

We were nearly broke and my creativity was drying up. Guilt dictated that I quit writing and get back to a weekly paycheck job in an office somewhere.

One day my husband came home totally exhausted after working a long hot day in the broiling sun. Other than filtered refrigerator water, I had nothing to offer my husband to drink. We had just enough milk to split between my two teenage boys for their morning cereal before school. Dinner that night consisted of grill cheese sandwiches and two apples between four people. Sitting at the table, holding hands as we said Grace, I looked at my family.

And I thought to myself: Enough.

That meager meal lit a fire in me and challenged me to write my stories unlike anything else that was out there already. I knew I needed to highlight my creative differences, to make them dissimilar to what other authors were already doing. I needed to separate myself from the crowd.

At first I listed subjects that interested me along with topics that I had background and insight on, like horses, surfing, and boating. I’d spend a few hours each day brainstorming for new story concepts, including Book Three of the Centaurs and Monica Beggs. I kept my focus on content and steered clear of the darker emotions where I’d been living for the past few months.

I came up with an idea that other authors said they wished that they’d thought of.

Not only do I have more fun with my writing, but I feel more confident too. My writing output has increased and I’ve received a lot of wonderful feedback from my readers. I no longer live in fear of never publishing another book because I’ve set my own standard by creating original work.

So I ask: What motivates you to push past the invisible barriers?

About the Author
Always on the hunt for the uncommon things in life, award-winning author Sheri Fredricks thrives on creating one-of-a-kind adventures.
A former engineering secretary, she lives on California’s beautiful central coast. "I wanted to move away from a profession of inflexible right angles and create an unboxed world with no boundaries." A voracious reader since her early years, Sheri found her brain crowded with stories of her own. "Ultimately," she says, "my husband encouraged me to write them all down."
Winner of the Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award and a Finalist multiple times for InD’Tale Magazine’s Reward Of Novel Excellence award (RONE), she has numerous five-star reviews everywhere eBooks are sold.
Sheri loves to spend time at home and connecting with readers. A computer hutch keeps her focused on creating stories, but the panoramic view of life on a ranch will call her outside to play in the sun.

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting Monica Beggs and I - have a great week!

  2. I loved this guest post! I love how struggles lead to triumph! Great guest post!!

  3. Wonderful! I'm so proud of how much you've overcome for this passion!

    1. I've yet to reach the pinnacle of Powerhouse Confidence, but at least I found the road. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Melissa.

  4. Sheri - you are the best - in more ways than one! Keep writing, girl.

  5. Good for you! What motivates me is the stories in my head that don't stop talking to me! And the few fans and readers I have that support me!

    1. Hubs: It's 2AM! What the hell are you doing?
      Me: I thought of a great scene to add and couldn't wait till morning.

      Yes, the voices speak and we listen. :)

  6. Sheri, I know first hand how hard you have struggled. Been there with you.
    Can't tell you how proud I am of you and all you have accomplished. And you have so much more to accomplish.
    Congratulations, my friend.

    1. All right - I got choked up reading your comment. I truly have the best friends.

  7. It's nice to see so many of Sheri's friends here. Thank you all for commenting!!

    1. They're great friends, Debbie. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be here today.

  8. Your story reminds me of how Sherrilyn Kenyon got into writing too. Hmmm... maybe my Muse will whisper in my ear one day and we'll come up with something awesome to do together!

    1. Ok, now I have to read Sherrilyn's personal story! May you and your Muse have a lovely future together!! Thank you for stopping by.

  9. It's amazing how the hardest times in our lives can give us the most strength. Thanks so much for hosting this week, Debbie!

    1. Yes we are tenacious beings aren't we. You're welcome Anna!

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  10. What a BEAUTIFUL post! LOVE this!! Hard times most definently make us who we are. Like I always said from day one- you are such a talented writer and amazing soul.I knew you would continue to shine and blossom to amazing things. VERY proud of you, Sheri! Keep up the good work!! There's more amazing things to come your way, Sunshine. SUPER HUGE CONGRATS hugs<3 XOXO

  11. Aw, thank you Mart! I certainly found my defining moments...memorable. Thank you for your very kind words.