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**GIVEAWAY** Interview with Anne Canadeo- A Murder in Mohair

Please welcome Anne Canadeo who is here chatting about her recent release A Murder in Mohair 8th in her Black Sheep Knitting series so enjoy our chat then enter to win a copy of the book courtesy of Anne's publisher Gallery Books an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

ISBN-13: 9781476767505
Publisher: Gallery Books/Simon & Schuster
Release Date: 12-01-2015
Length: 304pp
Buy It: B&N/Amazon/Kobo/IndieBound


In Anne Canadeo's cozy eighth Black Sheep Knitting Mystery, a cold-hearted murder in Plum Harbor leads the knitters to investigate a new psychic who may be far more dangerous than she seems…
When Jimmy Hubbard, the manager of the local cinema, is murdered in a robbery gone wrong, the residents of Plum Harbor are mystified. Everyone liked Jimmy, and the struggling theater seems an unlikely target for burglars.
The Black Sheep Knitters are surprised and saddened by the crime, but are more suspicious of psychic-medium Isabel Waters, who has recently set up shop in town. Isabel has hoodwinked one of their friends into shelling out big money every week to keep the memory of a lost loved one alive. Determined to reveal Isabel as a fraud, the knitters are pulled in the web of Isabel’s world and find themselves in a tangle of secrets and lies. They must solve two murders before the truth about all of Isabel’s clients—past and present—are revealed.
As in her previous books A Dark and Stormy KnitThe Silence of the Llamas, and Knit, Purl, Die—which Publishers Weekly praised for its “fast-paced plot that will keep even non-knitters turning the pages”—Canadeo brings her trademark style to this entertaining mystery that will psych you out and leave you wanting more.

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Hi Anne, welcome to The Reading Frenzy!
Tell my readers a little about A Murder in Mohair.
I’d be delighted. This book is definitely one of my favorites.  I think the mystery is one of the most interesting and complicated so far, and there’s a fun back story about Lucy Binger and her boyfriend Matt, who have been living together for awhile now. Will they, or won’t they tie the knot? (No pun intend…)
In their latest adventure, the Black Sheep Knitters become suspicious of a psychic, Cassandra Waters, who has set up shop in their town. They’re sure that she’s hoodwinking one of their friends, who is paying large sums to keep the memory of a lost loved one alive. Determined to reveal Cassandra as a fraud, they become tangled in her web of secrets and lies. As the story progresses, the knitters end up with two  murders to solve.   

This is the eighth in your Black Sheep Knitting series.
For those who aren’t familiar with the series, how are the books connected?
The easy answer to that is “Love” -- first, the loving bonds of friendship between the main characters, who hang out together – knitting, gossiping and eating good food. Mainly, at the Black Sheep Knitting Shop, which is owned by Maggie Messina.
Second, the love of knitting, of course and third, the love – or maybe the addictive thrill? – of solving mysteries in their town, or wherever they travel.
For those unfamiliar with the books, the intrepid knitting gang – Maggie, Lucy, Dana, Suzanne and Phoebe – appear in all the books, though I do tend to choice one or two to focus in each story, in terms their larger involvement and solving the mystery. As noted above, most of the books take place in their home town, Plum Harbor. Publisher’s Weekly recently said of the series, “Cozy fans will enjoy spending time with the distinctive main characters, all of whom are intelligent, working women.” And I think that’s an apt description of them, too. 

And do they need to be read in order?
The books can certainly be read independently, and out of order. Each story is complete. I’ve been encouraged to mention the other “cases” that the knitters have faced in the stories, but I’m careful not give away any important information to readers who have not read those books.
I do try to follow developments in the lives of the five friends, as noted above, but that level of the narrative doesn’t impact the mysteries. Though once you start the series, you might want to go back and read them all. 

Anne you also write series under the pseudonym of Katherine Spencer.
What’s the biggest difference between your two identities?
I use the name Katherine Spencer (the first names of my daughter and husband …cute, right?) specifically for the Cape Light series, which I created and have been ghost writing for the artist Thomas Kinkade for about 15 years.
These books also take place in a made up village, set on Cape Ann. In fact, if you set your GPS, both Cape Light and Plum Harbor would be in the same spot, where the real village Ipswich is located. The description of both towns is very similar too, though Cape Light doesn’t have a knitting shop yet. (Hey, I should add one…) Both villages are modeled after my home town, Northport which is filled with a lot of interesting old buildings, house and shops and is on the Long Island Sound.
Overall, I’d say the Cape Light stories have a softer edge and are less “realistic” in some ways than the Black Sheep stories. For one thing, you’d never see characters in Cape Light trying to solve a murder, though  “wrong doing” and disturbing events are dramatized. But such events and situations are handled differently, for different story telling purposes.  
Cape Light focuses on the members of three or four families in the town, though new characters are always introduced. The stories are centered on family and relationship issues. And life altering  situations or problems that most people face – and how they cope and figure things out. There’s a faith element, but the books are in no way “preachy.” Although the characters make mistakes and are not perfect by any stretch, the stories tend to show the best side of human nature and are in many ways, an upbeat and “feel good” reading experience.
Overall, if you like the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” you’d probably like these books. The spin off series, “The Inn at Angel Island,” takes place at a big, old inn near the town and many characters overlap between the books and the stories are a bit more romantic. 

I’m surprised that you don’t have a website.
Is this on purpose or is there one in the works?
Oy! Did someone pay you to ask me that? (Like my lovely agent, or an editor…or two?)
Seriously, this is a new year’s resolution I hope to deliver on ASAP. I have made three running starts at websites so far, but either find the design and information is outdated by the time it’s done. Or some other techno-obstacle befalls me. I do have one that is almost ready to go…if we can straighten out the digital view so readers can visit on their iPhones.  I really hope to do that before some other device is invented and I need to accommodate something new…
I do have a very active author Facebook page, where I post almost every day – either about my work (book reviews, appearances, etc.) or interesting articles I want to share about writing, knitting, cooking and many other interests. And the interests of my characters, as well.
I interact directly with readers there, who give me their opinions about my books and even ideas for new stories. And share information about their own lives, too. I often run contests with book giveaways on the page as well. I guess that has taken the place of a website for me, though I know the two social media choices serve much different purposes. I am hoping to start up a blog again, as well.
For now, readers can follow me on facebook – just look for  Anne Canadeo,  and the page with a book cover icon.

Anne your bio on Facebook says you’re an active volunteer in your community.
Do you think volunteering should be a required subject in school?
That is an excellent question and a great idea. I do think that many schools introduce students to the idea of community service, either with projects or special trips, etc. Or encourage them to get out in the community for extra credit, or to qualify for the honor society or some such.  But to have kids study the subject, in depth would probably benefit our world tremendously.
I run a food program that meets weekly and most of our volunteers are middle and high school students, which is encouraging.

That same bio also says you’re a low down and dirty gardener.
What exactly does that mean?
I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty…or my arms, knees, feet, face…fill in the blank with your choice of body part. I’m not someone who stands back at arm’s length in long gardening gloves, picking off a bloom or two. If I haven’t been out there at least five hours and there’s no dirt in my teeth, it’s not a product day. 
Not to mention climbing the retaining walls in the uncultivated area of our backyard, wielding my weed whacker. I look like a video game character, battling dark forces. It’s a sight. But a really great change from sitting at my desk, writing.  

Anne since we’ve survived the holidays.
What is your favorite part about this time of year?
I like trimming the tree and taking out all the Christmas knick-knacks. I have a few really kitschy pieces from my childhood that really say Christmas too me.
Even more than that, I love sitting quietly and looking at the tree once it’s trimmed. Maybe with the lights in the room off and only the tree lights on. (A cup of tea and some Christmas cookies might be part of that picture as well.)  It’s hard to find quiet time during the holidays and that’s one way for me to feel the warm fuzzy, positive side of the season.

Thanks so much for chatting with me today. Good luck with the new novel.
Will you be attending any author events?
I do plan to publicize A Murder In Mohair, with some local appearances over the next few months. There may also be a few stops in New England, around the area where the books are set. Last summer, I was in Hartford, Salem and on Cape Cod, for The Postman Always Purls Twice. I only have one appearance solidly booked so far, way off in April. So I won’t give that information here now. If readers would like to know about my author events, they can find that information all on my facebook page and …on my new website, which I hope will launch by then.
Thanks for this opportunity to talk about The Black Sheep Mysteries and for your interesting questions.

The Series in order

Meet Anne:
Anne Canadeo lives and knits in Northport, New York, with her husband, daughter, and canine office assistant. She is the author of the Black Sheep Knitting mystery series, and writing as Katherine Spencer, she has also authored the popular Cape Light and Angel Island series. - See more at:

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  18. I like cozy mysteries because the people are just ordinary people and they are relatable.

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