Tuesday, May 8, 2018

May Harlequin Special Edition Showcase

have to admit I've been remiss all this year of showcasing my favorite HQN series (sorry ladies) so I'm changing that right now!
Here is the May Special Edition Showcase.


Not quite the assistant he was looking for.

But maybe the one he needs…
Conard County’s new urban planner is juggling more than a job—she’s fostering her cousin’s baby, too. And Diane Finch isn’t sure how her boss, Blaine Harrigan, will take to her cuddly new assistant. But the Irishman’s as comfortable with babies as he is with engineering complex projects. And he certainly seems to take to Diane, too. Even if she’s got a secret she fears will keep her from love…forever.

Rachel Lee's HQN page

Taryn’s moved to a new town—and found a new man!—in the latest Wickham Falls Weddings story!

Aiden Gibson is devoted to his daughters, he’s a former Navy SEAL and he’s gifted as a chef. But Taryn Robinson is living in his house and homeschooling his children, which makes Aiden completely off-limits. Taryn knows she and the strong, sexy SEAL can only be friends. Or could she, Aiden and the girls be a perfect family in the making?
Rochelle Alers - Website

My review on RT Book Reviews


Maddie Fortunado, heir apparent to her father’s real estate business, is stunned to learn that she’ll have to fight for the job she’d assumed was hers! Even worse? Her rival is none other than Zach McCarter, her secret crush. Only a makeover can transform “Maddie” into “Madeleine,” who can compete against her charismatic coworker. But when Zach meets Maddie 2.0, business is suddenly the last thing on either of their minds!
Nancy Robards Thompson Website

They promised to meet in four years…

He was there. Where was she?
Conor Delaney believed he and Shelby Brookes shared something special. Until the girl he’d loved since fourth grade was a no-show for what should have been the most romantic reunion of their lives. Two years and one shattered heart later, Shelby’s back in their California town—as the new chef at Conor’s family restaurant. The single mom has a reason for what she did…and a plan for winning back the guarded California lawman.

Lynne Marshall Website

 What happens when your internet crush…
Shows up in real life?

First Lieutenant Thane Carter has experienced great success as the senior platoon leader of a military police company at Fort Hood. But tbh, his love life stinks. Thane wishes his maddening—and off-limits—new coworker, Lieutenant Chloe Michaels, could be more like his online friend “BallerinaBaby.” It’s complicated, all right—especially when Thane learns that his workplace nemesis and his internet crush are one and the same!
Caro Carson Website

Meet The Bravos of Valentine Bay…
And the single father of twin toddlers in desperate need of a nanny! 

All his life Daniel Bravo has been the responsible one. So when he’s left widowed with adorable twins to raise, he knows he needs help, fast. Enter family friend Keely Ostergard—a woman with love in her heart for his children, and a gigantic chip on her shoulder for him. She’s the last person he’d ever fall for—the aversion is mutual. Until it isn’t…
Christine Rimmer Website


  1. I cut my reading teeth on Harlequins! I used to read a harlequin a week growing up and oh how I miss those books!

    1. You really do Cyndy. They've changed with the times and SE is my fave!

  2. So many fun titles. Could you imagine if your internet crush showed up.

    1. I know right I was thinking that very same thing ;-) great minds and all

  3. Thanks so much for posting this! As you may suspect, I love the Special Edition line.

    1. My pleasure Lynne I'm ashamed it's May and my first SE showcase :(

  4. Deb! I love SE, too! Lots. Thanks for the showcase. XOXOXO!

    1. I know you do, sorry for not stepping up to the plate!

  5. Hmm I love that idea of your internet crush being your nemesis as well. What fun for him!!

  6. Yay! I see one I want already. The Lt's Online Love. I'm a sucker for that situation. A few others look promising, too.

  7. I read so many Harlequin romances as a kid that it was crazy! I just adored every love story so much! Hugs...RO