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Showcase - Angel in the Fog by TJ Turner

A few years ago I was turned on to TJ Turner's debut novel, Lincoln's Bodyguard, it was a fabulous alternate history about Abraham Lincoln being saved from an assassin's bullet. Angel in the Fog is book three in this series. My copy is high on the shelf so be on the lookout for my review.
Also TJ is a decorated Air Force reservist who have served multiple tours in Afghanistan

Thank you for your service TJ!

ISBN-13: 978-1608092413
Publisher: Oceanview Publishing
Release Date: 4-2-2019
Length: 384pp
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Perfect for fans of espionage thrillers, historical fiction, and indefatigable female protagonists.
Molly Ferguson's comfortable life unravels when her Louisiana home is burned to the ground, her family murdered, and she is enslaved in a Baltimore brothel. Amidst the threat of the Civil War, Molly learns of secessionist plans to assassinate President-elect Abraham Lincoln as he makes his way to Washington for his inauguration. She's manages to pass this information to a Pinkerton agent posing as a client. Impressed with her fortitude and intelligence, the Pinkerton Agency arranges for Molly's freedom and brings her under the tutelage of Mrs. Kate Warne, America's first female detective. After they save Mr. Lincoln in Baltimore, Molly is sent by the Pinkerton Agency into the Deep South—where the Civil War now rages—a spy behind enemy lines.


In TJ Turner’s Angel in the Fog, we’re in for a heart-stopping, page-turning, and thrilling story as we follow the exploits of Molly—a feisty, fascinating, and fierce heroine if ever there was one. But there’s more to Molly’s story than excitement. It’s an insightful exploration of the resourcefulness of the human heart when tested by the most difficult of circumstances—and, ultimately, the redemptive power of forgiveness.- Jess Montgomery, author of The Widows

Suspenseful and rich with historical detail, Angel in the Fog by TJ Turner brings the Civil War to fire-breathing life. A young prostitute’s discovery of a conspiracy to murder president-elect Abraham Lincoln sets her on a daring path to help the Pinkerton agency save the president’s life, and soon she becomes one of America’s first female private detectives. This is a grand yarn that will rivet you to your reading chair.- Gayle Lynds, New York Times best-selling author

Superb historical fiction with a wonderful and inspiring main character in Molly Ferguson. Very highly recommended.- Lee Child, New York Times best-selling author

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My Review:
Turner’s page-turning, nail-biting thriller is an amazing alternate history that fills the appetite of reader’s insatiable what-if curiosity and mixes in revenge, drama and a bit of romance to brilliantly widen the audience range. He successfully combines history fact and fiction and his gritty take-no-prisoners, narrative sets the tumultuous tone to the entire read. His characters are powerful and dazzlingly portrayed and his vivid, visual dialogue perfectly catalogs the atrocities and the altruisms during this endless, no-win war. Especially poignant was his post war draft; that will leave a lasting impression on readers. 
If you like alternate history, thrillers, historical fiction or you just want to keep your heart beating fast for a bit of time this is your next must read.

Mr. Turner you’ve got my complete attention and I can’t wait to see what comes next.
It’s 1872, seven years since Joseph Foster saved President Lincoln from the bullet the assassin John Wilkes Booth meant for him. The country’s still in turmoil from the war that's been over for years but is still raging and each side is executing dastardly deeds and suffering huge losses. Lincoln’s tired and scared and just wants out of office but has been forced to endure term after term. He needs his most trusted ally and former bodyguard Joseph for one last clandestine, very personal mission that will send him into the belly of the beast to achieve.
Joseph doesn't hesitate to answer the Old Man’s call even though he’s not as young or as capable as he was seven years ago. He knows he should travel this road alone but when his former lover and Union spy, Molly insists on accompanying him he selfishly accepts her offer, maybe he just needs a friendly face or maybe it's something else. But one thing he does know is that accomplishing this assignment may finally lead him to retrieve his kidnapped daughter.

My Review:
Turner’s Land of Wolves, a sequel to Lincoln’s Bodyguard is a fast-paced, page-turning, heart-wrencher. His protagonist, Joseph and his love interest and partner Molly are unforgettable and his other characters are all absolute gems and his use of a historically accurate narrative gives a certain authenticity to the novel. His portrayals of the battles for political power and the fight for the Native American’s lands are pulse-pounding, dark and play out perfectly for his story. In Turner’s own words he calls his novels “Revisionist History”, I call them masterpieces and if we knew then what we know now perhaps it could have been called facts. 
Bravo TJ for another amazing piece of storytelling.

After Joseph Foster and Molly Ferguson foil the Consortium’s plot to have Lincoln killed they along with the old man (Lincoln) and his daughter, Emeline, go to Tennessee to hide and hopefully put down roots. But its deadly clear the Consortium’s not done with them when they send Joseph a message in the form of his dying mother who tells Joseph they have his daughter Aurora. Wracked with guilt and rage Joseph needs to find Aurora and enact revenge on this political monster but Molly won’t let him go alone so together they set off on yet another dangerous journey. Hopefully they’ll find Aurora and survive to finally settle down to marry and enjoy a life they’ve so long been denied, but who knows what the Land Of Wolves has in store for them.

About TJ:
TJ Turner is a novelist, a historian, a research scientist, and a Federal Agent. He graduated from Cornell University and as a Reserve military officer, he has served four tours in Afghanistan and was awarded two Bronze Star Medals (2013, 2017). His essay about his deployments to Afghanistan—The Power ofTeddy Bears—was accepted and read on NPR’s This I Believe national essay series. Turner lives in central Ohio, with his wife, Nancy, and three children.


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  6. I like stories with alternate history written supported by actual facts. This sounds like a story that had you on the edge of your seat with such great/unforgettable characters and content. Awesome Review!

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