Monday, May 6, 2019

Naycation Part 1

So I had this week blocked out because we were supposed to be in Destin to celebrate my 65th Birthday and mine and my husband's 40th anniversary. Well life crapped on us so it got hopefully only postponed. I had planned to share pics from our real-cation but decided to share a little of what could have been and why it was conceived, what I call my naycation.

Many who know me know I started my online social life as a moderator for the now long defunct Barnes & Noble Book Club community, I moderated The General Fiction club and when I saw the writing on the wall for the end I started collecting contact data (shhhh) from all of my members in order to reach out to them after the fact (yes I was a company woman) so we could stay in touch. This led to my Goodreads club The General Fiction Expats (feel free to join). Well last year I lost a founding member, one who followed me from B&N, after a short and tragic fight with a nasty aggressive cancer, she was only 54, and I decided right then that I would stop wasting time because none of us knows how long we have. 

And concocted an idea to go to Florida for a romantic getaway/celebration. Okay now I just have to figure out how to keep my sanity and out of jail because my disabled hubby is bound and gagged in the trunk. LOL

Now how to do it, well my mom has timeshares so that's covered but how do I get a disabled husband to Florida without with out wanting to drop him in the Gulf?

In steps the heroes of this story, my two very favorite people on earth
My baby girl and the absolutely most wonderful son-in-law to save the day

We'll plan a roadtrip!!!
See the USA in a Minivan Yay!

Stopping to overnight in Music City and a night at the Ryman Auditorium
To see The Grand Ole Opry Live!

And on the way home in Starkville MS to visit
Son #2 an Associate Dean at Mississippi State University

Stay tuned for parts 2 & 3 coming later this week 😉


  1. Dear favorite person,,
    I wish you a very happy anniversary. I hope things settle down this week and you get things rescheduled and off to the land of sunshine and laughter. Let me know if you need more rope.
    I cant believe we have known each other for nine years now. Even though I haven't kept up with the group, I have kept up with you and your reviews.
    Miss our long visits and lively talks about plots and characters.
    Take care.

  2. Happy Anniversary Debbie and your family is beautiful!! I hope you have a nice time, whatever it is you do! <3

  3. Haha! Hope the Road trip goes well when you get the chance. :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! And a road trip sounds great

  5. The 65th and the 40th anniversary, two big celebrations. Here in NZ when we turn 65 we get the government national superannuation and many of us retire after that! Yes we never know how long we have, even though that is hard to fathom, but seizing the day is important. I hope this road trip when it does get going will be wonderful.

  6. Happy Anniversary and Birthday.. I love this... now on to part two.

    1. yes it was cathartic for me Kim and ended up making me smile :)

  7. Happy birthday and anniversary. I kinda read these out of order, because I'm way behind on visiting other blogs. I still enjoyed everything. I hope you're having a great week.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Books of My Heart