Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Showcase The Helicopter Heist by Jonas Bonnier Other Press

What's better than a fabulous crime drama, well one that's based on a true story and one that's soon to be a Netflix adaptation staring Jake Gyllenhaal.
Sit back and learn all about how four young Swedish Men pulled off one of the most brazen heists of all time.


Publisher: Other Press

Release Date: 5-21-2019





A fast-paced, riveting novel inspired by the true story of a group of four young Swedish men who pulled off “one of the most spectacular heists of all time” (Time).

Sami has a new child to provide for, so after years of petty crime, he’s training as a chef. But when a business deal suddenly goes sideways, Sami is left wondering how he’ll ever provide for his newborn daughter.

Michel and his family fled a bloody civil war in Lebanon, and he grew up in the suburbs of Stockholm surrounded by poverty and criminals. He’s trying to turn over a new leaf, but the past just won’t let him go.

Niklas has traveled the world and made an effort to become the sort of person people talked about. He followed through on his vision…and no good has come of it.

Zoran is a businessman who knows everyone and seals a deal with a handshake. When he was young, the ambitious Yugoslavian had a dream–to get rich, by whatever means necessary.

And Alexandra? She’s the reason that the four men found themselves plotting to rob a Stockholm cash depot in September 2009.

At first, the plan seems foolproof. Every contingency is covered, and the payoff will make them all rich for life. No one would even get hurt. But not everyone is who they seem. Even as the gang’s stolen helicopter is lifting off from the cash depot with $6.5 million inside, questions remain unanswered. What secrets does each man hold?


Sami Farhan drove across Skeppsbron and through Blasieholmen. It was Tuesday morning, and the traffic in central Stockholm was still sparse. Across the water, he could see af Chapman, the ship that had been turned into a youth hostel. Its illuminated white hull lay quietly in the water, which was as black as a pool of ink.

He was out in good time. What he called being careful, others might call a need to be in control. He really was going to Frihamnen. But he was going there alone, not with his classmates from Kristineberg. For him, the hours behind a school desk were over, there wouldn’t be any more lectures on cooking. He would never be able to give his family the life they deserved by slicing cucumber for cold buffets or pouring béarnaise sauce over filet mignon.

Today, that morning, was the first day of their new lives. And, like always, it was luck that had given him this chance. It hadn’t been easy to find the money. He had gone in with everything he had, all the cash he’d been able to withdraw. Plus he had brought in other financiers. His brothers, first and foremost. They had mocked him, doubted him, and called him “the fishmonger.” But they had still made the investment, like so many of his other friends and acquaintances. Karin’s uncle had even stepped up, and all without her knowing a thing. Clean money being placed into a lawful business.


“Bonnier’s novel is a rapturous account of the biggest, and perhaps most audacious, heist ever to occur in Europe. Meticulously researched, this thriller unfolds with incredible humanity, capturing the wit and intelligence of the men and women who executed a true crime so wildly far-fetched it seems the stuff of fiction.” —Jake Gyllenhaal

“Unputdownable. Four diabolically brilliant criminals, one stolen helicopter, and enough dynamite to blast through a G4S roof—definitely the heist of the century. Bonnier’s intensive research and in-depth interviews offer unparalleled characterization and a heartfelt human voice in this real-life thriller. Oceans 11 meets Heat with a Swedish twist.” —K.J. Howe, author of The Freedom Broker

“Impossible to put down.” —Publishers Weekly

“A truly riveting read that will go down well with non-fiction and fiction readers alike—and the fabulous twist at the end is not only unsuspected but also fits perfectly into the plot.” —Crime Review

“An exhilarating read…gripping.” —Sunday Times (South Africa)

“Skillfully constructed and immensely thrilling.” —Svenska Dagbladet

“A ferociously entertaining novel.” —Arbetarbladet

“The prose and depictions are effective, dense; the characters are neither glamorized rebels nor tough beasts, simply human…Read and learn, aspiring crime writers.” —Expressen

“A tremendously thrilling, almost unimaginable story.” —Senioren

About the author:
Jonas Bonnier is a screenwriter and journalist as well as a novelist. He was the CEO & President of the Bonnier Group from 2008 to 2014. Bonnier lives with his wife in Miami and in Stockholm.


  1. That sounds like an interesting story.

  2. I enjoy stories based on true events! I like that they are making it in to a Netflix movie! I'll be sure to check it out. Thanks for sharing Debbie!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  3. Neat. I will share this with my hubby. He loves these type of shows, and I like reading them :)