Friday, October 4, 2019

Audible Review The Lilac Bouquet by Carolyn Brown

Carolyn Brown is quickly becoming a go to author for me, especially her Texas tales are heartbreaking and heartwarming The Lilac Bouquet is one of my favorites. 

The Lilac Bouquet

By: Carolyn Brown
Narrated by: Brittany Pressley
Length: 8 hrs and 31 mins
By from Audible



Come hell or high water, Emmy Jo Massey will have a wedding. After three generations of Massey women with children out of wedlock, she wants the whole town of Hickory, Texas, to witness the legitimacy of her union with Logan Grady. But dream weddings aren't cheap. So she accepts a highly lucrative stint as a home health assistant to retired realtor, and town recluse, Seth Thomas - a decision her great-grandmother Tandy is dead-set against.

Seth isn't happy about it, either. The eighty-two-year-old doesn't want a "babysitter" - much less a Massey - something he makes clear when Emmy arrives at his house, an empty mansion built for the woman who broke his heart. But as Emmy stays and the two eventually open up to each other, she learns the reason behind a feud between Seth, Tandy, and Logan's grandfather Jesse Grady that goes back six decades. She also uncovers a secret that forever changes how she sees her past and her future...


My Review:

The Lilac Bouquet
Carolyn Brown
narrated by Brittany Pressley

Texas sized problems; small town, small minds and long memories reign supreme in Carolyn Brown’s Romeo and Juliet-esque women’s fiction The Lilac Bouquet. But have no fear because there’s a pint sized Texas tornado unsinkable spitfire named Emmie-Jo Massey who doesn’t allow the word no in her vocabulary in the starring role and her faithful knight in shining armor fiancé Logan Grady by her side. It's the octogenarian characters that listeners will want to shake and throw things at for their unforgiving heartless stick up their rear attitudes.
In typical Carolyn Brown fashion she weaves her poignant complicated multigenerational tale with compassion and humor making sure the audience laughs and sheds a tear or two while she unpeels the layers of her complex characters before smoothing all the rough patches of this Hatfield and McCoy family drama.
Fans of both women’s fiction and romance will devour this moving stand a lone novel.

Brittany Pressley is a Yellow Rose of Texas narrator rock star and if she’s not from Texas she should get an award for her twang. She’s got both sexes and both old and young voices down pat, and in my humble opinion make the enjoyment of this novel twice as nice.

All Emmie Jo Massey wants is the perfect wedding to the man of her dreams and to end the Massey curse of having kids out of wedlock; she’s got the guy and the wedding is in the final planning stage and once they’re married and their first child comes well after nine months of marriage the curse will be over. The trouble is that the woman who raised her-her great-grandma Tandy Massey, her fiancé Logan Grady’s family and half the town of Hickory Texas are against her marrying Logan. She took a job working for the town recluse Seth Thomas as a way to help pay for the wedding but maybe she’ll also uncover the truth about the sixty plus year feud between Seth, Tandy and Logan’s grandpa Jessie that’s fueling most of the objections to she and Logan marrying.

About the author:
Carolyn Brown is an award-winning author who has published 85 historical and western romance novels. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author was born in Texas and raised in southern Oklahoma

About the narrator:
BRITTANY PRESSLEY is an AudioFile magazine Earphones Award–winning narrator. She is also an accomplished singer-songwriter and voice actress. Her voice can be heard on national and international TV and radio commercials, as well as in several animated series and video games.



  1. That sounds pretty good and the cover is so pretty.

    1. It was amazing Mary she is quickly becoming a fave

  2. This is one I've listened to and really enjoyed. Reading your review reminded me of the story.

  3. Squeee! So glad you loved this one. This one is well up there as one of my favorites and one of her best books ever. I was totally rooting for her to get all that history out in the open and get those fuss budgets settled. :)