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#GIVEAWAY Review: His Christmas Cinderella by Christy Jeffries #HoHoHoHarlequinHolidayExtravaganza

Today I'm reviewing His Christmas Cinderella, by Christy Jeffries a second generation Harlequin Special Edition romance royalty who I had the pleasure of reviewing along with her mom, Judy Duarte for Romantic Times Magazine. If you get a chance to read this amazing story be sure to pay attention to Christy's touching dedication to her aunt. I'm also including Christy's Christmas Tree Tradition from 2018. 
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ISBN-13:  978-1335894885
Publisher: Harlequin
Release Date: 10-27-2020
Length: 288 pp
Source: Publisher for review
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An enchanted evening with a stranger leaves him wanting more…

A gift money can’t buy…

Super-rich rancher Jordan Taylor has it all—except someone to share his life with. What he really wants for Christmas is to win the heart of Camilla Sanchez, the hardworking waitress he met at a charity ball. Camilla thinks they are too different to make it work, but Jordan is determined to prove her wrong. She grants him his wish: three weeks to convince her he is worthy of her love. Perhaps this will be the holiday that changes everything…

From Harlequin Special Edition: Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness.

My Review:

His Christmas Cinderella
Montana Mavericks, What Happened to Beatrix #5
Christy Jeffries

Christy Jeffries's Christmas tale has it all, a great plot, small town Big Sky Montana settings, down to earth characters and a charming love story, plus fans are getting close to finding Beatrix. Camilla will delight readers from the start and they’ll warm up to Jordan after he shows his real colors. The Sanchez family’s deep love and fantastic relationship is in direct contrast to the cold controlling family Jordan comes from and the stand out is the way Camilla’s family takes to Jordan right away. Any fan of romance, Christmas stories and realistic characters will love this novel.

Jordan Taylor met a beautiful stranger at one of his family’s charity balls and after a wild goose chase because of a mistaken identity finally found her. Now he’s got to convince this wary Cinderella that he’s worth the risk.

Camilla Sanchez was totally enchanted by a certain Montana Prince but knowing his love em and leave em reputation she’s not willing to risk her heart. Until he convinces her to give him three weeks to prove her wrong. She just hopes she can keep her heart safe while she’s proving to him that they’re too different to work out.

Christy's Christmas tree tradition:

Our Surprise Tree
Christy Jeffries

When I saw the cover for my new book, The Firefighter’s Christmas Reunion, I was so excited to see my main characters with a Christmas tree. Ever since my first son was born, our biggest holiday tradition involves picking out our tree.

We always wait until dark, then we swing by Starbucks to get hot cocoas on our way to the tree lot. But here’s where our tradition differs from most…
We pick a tree sight unseen.
I mean, obviously, we see the height of the tree and the type (I love the Noble Firs). But we never see the tree unwrapped while we’re at the lot. We purposely pick one still in its bundled cording, usually laying stacked in a pile off to the side.
When we take it home, we unwrap the tree together and see what kind of surprise we ended up with. Some years, we’ve had great luck with full branches and even symmetry. While other years…well, let’s just say that we’ve had to strategically place the tree in a corner to hide all the bald spots.
It started thirteen years ago when we took our newly walking toddler to the tree lot on what had to be the busiest night in December. He took quite an interest in the “fresh cut” station where the chainsaws were active and the sawdust was flying. Fearing that our son might sneak away (again) and end up headfirst through the netting machine, I told my husband to grab any tree so we could get going. The workers had just unloaded a truck and my husband figured those trees would be the freshest. And since they were still in their bindings, it would also be the easiest to carry.
That first year, we somehow ended up with the biggest, most beautiful tree for only $39. It wasn’t until we had it opened in our living room that we realized it had been mismarked. Whoops.
Ever since then, we’ve made it a tradition to choose a surprise tree. We have figured out a few tricks along the way, though, such as choosing the heavier trees because they’ll have more branches. After all, it’s always easier to trim what we don’t need than to fill in the bare spaces. Plus, it allows my sons a chance to use the electrical saw themselves—under close supervision.

What’s your holiday decorating tradition? 
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About the author:
Christy Jeffries graduated from the University of California, Irvine and received her Juris Doctor from California Western School of Law. But drafting court documents and working in law enforcement was merely an apprenticeship for her current career in the relentless field of mommyhood and romance writing. She lives in Southern California with her patient husband, two energetic sons, and one sassy grandmother. Follow her on Facebook or visit her website at www.christyjeffries.com. 

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