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#GIVEAWAY Review One More For Christmas by Sarah Morgan #HoHoHoHarlequinHolidayExtravaganza


I've been loving Sarah Morgan's writing for a long time and her Christmas stories are always exceptional and this year's is no different. One More for Christmas is fabulous. Sit back read my review enjoy a personal note from one of Sarah's past guest posts and don't forget to enter the #Giveaway, which includes Sarah's new book.

ISBN-13: 9781335013804
Publisher: Harlequin
Release Date: 10-06-2020
Length: 416pp
Source: Publisher/Netgalley for review
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For sisters Samantha and Ella Mitchell, Christmas is their most precious time of the year. But this year, they’ll be buying presents for the most unexpected guest of all—their mother. It’s been five years since they last saw each other. But when their mom calls out of the blue, Samantha and Ella cautiously agree to spend Christmas all together in the beautiful Scottish Highlands…

Gayle Mitchell is at the top of her career, but her success has come at a price—her relationship with her daughters. Her tough-love approach to parenting was designed to make them stronger, but instead managed to push them away…until a brush with her own mortality forces Gayle to make amends.

As the snowflakes fall on their first family celebration in years, the Mitchell women must learn that sometimes facing up to the past is all you need to heal your heart…

My Review:

One More For Christmas
Sarah Morgan


Sarah Morgan might have found the mother of all dysfunctional families for her latest holiday novel where secrets, choices, consequences and regrets rule the day and where the women in this family are in desperate need of a holiday miracle. Festively set in the magical Scottish Highlands with all the enchanted holiday trappings including snow, firesides and even a herd of reindeer readers will find themselves lost as this master storyteller weaves her own magic solving her characters myriad of problems. Each one of her fabulous players is spectacular but there are a few standouts like Samantha who hides her vulnerability behind a tough wall, Brodie who is not complicated at all but is the most genuine of Sarah’s characters and then there’s the wee dynamo that is Tabitha the Energizer Bunny of four year-olds. This is a must read for fans of Sarah, for those who crave charming unforgettable holiday tales and anyone who loves a well told story.

As the result of an accident and just maybe a bit of a Christmas magic a truly dysfunctional US family gets the rare opportunity to spend Christmas together at a Scottish Highland Estate and gives a grieving Scottish family a chance to save the home they love.

Gayle Mitchell thought she had it all, a highly successful entrepreneur, business-woman and author. But it took a fall to show her that what she was really missing was her two daughters.
Samantha Mitchell and her sister have been estranged from their mother for five years and she prides herself on being nothing like her mother, well she is the CEO of a successful holiday travel company, and she has relationship issues, but that’s it. And to prove it, unlike her mother who thought Christmas was frivolous and too commercialized she loves the holiday. Only this Christmas she’ll be spending the holiday with her whole family including her mother while investigating the possibility of including an honest to God Scottish Highland’s Estate on her firm’s holiday venue list.
Ella Mitchell loves being a mother and a wife and gladly gave up her teaching job temporarily to do just that. A job she knows her overachieving mother would look down her nose at, but then her mother has never approved of any of her choices before. But when the opportunity arises to spend Christmas in Scotland she knows her entire family has to make the trip and maybe just maybe it can be the start of healing a family who has been tragically torn apart.
The McIntyre family of Scotland suffered the tragic loss of their beloved Patriarch and on their first Christmas without him are forced to spend it with strangers.

A Note From Sarah:

I write a Christmas book every year, and sometimes a novella too, so it won’t come as any surprise to readers when I confess that I love the festive season.

We all have our own traditions, but for our family one of our favourites is a trip to the forest to choose a tree. I like to buy the tree early in December so we can enjoy it in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and we use the same decorations we’ve always used. They are an odd assortment and each has its own history (we tend to ignore elegance in favour of sentiment!). Instead of uniform silver decorations, we have a slightly wonky angel made by my son when he was little and a star that was overbaked in the oven. We have ornaments we have collected on our travels, and some that have been given to us as gifts. When the tree is lit and decorated we heap wrapped gifts underneath it, along with cushions and books because who doesn’t love to read accompanied by the smell of the forest?

No preparation for Christmas would be complete without food and certain scents and flavours take me right back to my childhood. I love to cook, and for me Christmas is all about cinnamon and mixed spice, the sharp tang of cranberry sauce, a generous squeeze of Clementine juice added to your favourite cupcake recipe and the spicy simmer of mulled wine.

In frosty winter months, Christmas is everything warming. It’s a time for gatherings, laughter, celebration and family traditions passed down like heirlooms. I love it, and I wish all my readers a peaceful and happy holiday season

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