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Today's Ho Ho Ho post features Michelle Major's latest Special Edition holiday tale, His Last Chance Christmas Family and I've included her guest post from 2018 about her favorite kind of tradition. Don't forget to enter the Harlequin #Giveaway too.

ISBN-13: 9781488070273
Publisher: Harlequin
Release Date: 12-01-2020
Length: 288 pp
Source: Publisher for review
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A perfect Starlight Christmas

Is this Christmas the perfect time for their last chance?

Widowed after an unhappy marriage, single mom Brynn Hale has finally returned home to Starlight. She’s ready for a fresh start for her son, and what better time for it than Christmas? Still, Nick Dunlap is the one connection to her past she can’t let go of. Nick let his status-conscious parents talk him out of pursuing Brynn in high school and he’s not sure he deserves a chance with her now. But the magic of the season might make forgiveness—and love—a little bit easier for them both…

My Review:

His Last Chance Christmas Family
Welcome to Starlight #3
Michelle Major


Michelle Major’s latest in her Welcome to Starlight series could have been titled Clueless in Starlight, a heartwarming story about two once best friends who really need each other now, friends who have let life’s difficulties get between them. Nick is the clueless one and readers will once or twice or three times want to literally knock some sense into him. Brynn on the other hand has such a big heart that she’s willing to love her dead husband’s baby with another woman but is so pragmatic that she can’t see Nick’s love through the disappointments life has given her. But Michelle pulls these two deserving people together beautifully and will make readers laugh and cry along the way. It’s fun to have a catch up with previous series characters and enjoy all the trappings of the holiday season. Of course it’s the two kids who steal the show Tyler with his precocious and precious antics and baby Remi because, well baby. Well done!

Brynn Hale has been holding on by a thread since her husband died along with his mistress in a tragic car accident but she has to hold it together for her 10-year old son. Then as if karma hasn’t been hard enough on her another of her husband’s mistresses abandons their baby and leaves her with Brynn. Like it or not she’ll have to rely on her once BFF, Starlight’s hunky Police Chief, the man who once upon a time broke her heart.
Nick Dunlap has always loved Brynn he just didn’t know until now it was love, trouble is he’s not good enough for her, but even so she needs his help more now than ever when her cheating husband’s progeny is left on her doorstep so he better just man up and do all he can. And make sure he keeps his hands to himself.

 A Note from Michelle:

My Favorite (Sort of) Holiday Tradition

I see a lot of friends on Facebook who do 'Elf on the Shelf' in the weeks leading up to Christmas. It's fun to see all the elfin adventures and I admire the creativity of little powdered sugar footprints of the trouble their elves get into through the house. My kids were too old for this tradition, which is probably a good thing for all of us. I have great intentions but get easily overwhelmed or scattered during the holidays--there's always so much going on. When my kids were very young, we started the tradition of the Advent Calendar. Twenty-five days before Christmas with small gifts to celebrate the season. These are tiny things--a pack of gum or chocolate coins or chapstick.

They are teenagers now--13 and 16--and this year I gently suggested we 'retire' the calendar and was shocked at how vehemently they refused. Especially because I'm terrible at remembering to add the gifts so most of December is spent with me running through the house in the morning to the spot where I've hidden the supplies while yelling at my children "go back in your rooms, I didn't forget!" I've tried all kinds of systems for getting things in there, but inevitably December madness takes over and I forget. But maybe that's part of what they love? The tradition is kind of silly and messy and not all perfect, much like our family. I have a feeling that one of the 'remember when' stories they share years from now is going to be about how Mom could never remember the Advent Calendar. To me, those are some of the sweetest memories - not when things were perfect around Christmas but the unique and special moments.

I remember coming home from Christmas Eve services the first year we had a cat to the tree on its side, ornaments scattered everywhere, with the cat hidden in the branches. It still makes me smile (and I learned early to attach the fragile ornaments with wire to my own tree!). So I stashed my Advent Calendar supplies close to where the calendar hangs this year and I'm doing my best to remember. We'll all laugh when that doesn't happen. Do you have a favorite tradition in your family? I'd love to hear about it. Hope your December is merry and bright!

About the author:
Michelle Major is the Publishers Weekly best-selling, RITA award winning author of over thirty sexy and sweet contemporary romances. She loves second-chances love stories, smart heroines and strong heroes. A Midwesterner at heart, she’s made the Rocky Mountains her home for nearly half her life and is thrilled to share her books with readers. Connect with her at

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  1. I love the story. My kids are 17 and 10. They don't believe in Santa anymore. I think someone told the 10 year in 2nd grade that there wasn't a Santa. She didn't seem overly disappointed by it. Now, the Tooth Fairy, who ALWAYS forgot to get the tooth and leave money is a different story. Anyway, the 17 year has insisted that I still do the "Santa" gift. It's not a gift they ask for (Santa decided to only spend $20 on her from the age of 8, when she mouthed off). The gift has gone from Build a Bears to onesie pajamas. The incredible thing is that they love them and actually look forward to them, I think more so than the items on their lists.

    1. That's very sweet. I love when older kids appreciate the spirit of the traditions and want to keep them going. And on a side note, one time the Tooth Fairy left my daughter's tooth on the counter! Ooops!

  2. Clueless in Starlight is a PERFECT title for this book. Ha. Thank you so much, Debbie! XO

  3. I love it when its the children who steal the show and yes I smiled at the clueless too.

  4. The book sounds lovely (love a good friends/they cant figure it out romance)
    Also advent calendar stkry made me laugh because that would be so me if we had kne

  5. Unique and special moments 🙌 those are the ones that count❤