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#GIVEAWAY- Audio Blitz - Review Finding Alex by Helen Starbuck #CaffeinatedPR

Welcome to the Audio Blitz for Finding Alex by Helen Starbuck if you like fast paced romantic suspense be sure and put this on your list. Enjoy my review and don't forget to enter the #Giveaway at the end!!

Grab your headphones because you'll want to download Helen Starbuck's newest romantic suspense audio, Finding Alex. Narrated by Sebastian York and Tiffany Williams, featuring Johnny Heller, Michael Pauley, and Amy Deuchler. Don't believe me? Listen to the sample below.

Find Alex

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Not knowing can be lethal

Assaulted, left for dead, and amnesic, the woman who thinks her name is Alex, may be the only surviving victim of a killer who’s targeting prostitutes and leaving their bodies without fingertips to complicate their identification. Denver Homicide Detective Blake Halloran is sure she is connected to the other killings but he can’t identify her, even with her fingertips intact. And she can’t remember anything—including the face or name of the man who tried to kill her.

With each new victim, it becomes more crucial for Alex to remember what happened to her if Blake and his partner are to solve the murders, but how do you force someone to remember? As Blake’s strong attraction to her and his need to protect her grows, so does his uneasiness about the inability to identify her, whether she’s a villain or a victim, and whether her amnesia is real.

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My Audio Review:

Finding Alex
Helen Starbuck


Helen Starbuck’s latest is a non-stop, action-packed romantic suspense thriller that will have listeners being tempted to keep their earbuds in from violent start to jaw-dropping finish. Her main protagonists Alex and Blake are the bomb and instantly endearing but they’re not alone as there are some outstanding costars that will also make their mark. An intense shocking straight from the headlines storyline and some heart-stopping scenes will lead a few plot dotters deducing the evil villain early but most while having suspicions will have to wait for the explosive reveal to be sure but no matter if you’re all knowing or clueless it’s the journey to discovery that’s the icing on this brainteaser. Fans of romantic suspense, Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown, Laura Griffin or this author will have a hard time putting this down.

Sebastian York and Tiffany Williams plus 4 supporting voices really rock this audio with excellent emotional recitation at just the right times.

Brutally attacked and left for dead the woman can’t remember who she is or who did this to her.  After a few days there are some foggy memories returning like she thinks her name is Alex and she may have been trying to find her sister, the one thing she does know is that she feels safe with the detective who found her so when he can’t find anywhere to put her she’s happy to be his roomy. Although being in this close proximity with the handsome cop is probably not a good idea.

After rescuing the amnesiac woman from the side of the highway something is telling Detective Blake Halloran that this attack may be connected to the murdered prostitutes case he’s working on. But keeping her safe is not working out too good when who ever tried to kill her once makes another almost successful attempt, but keeping her safe also means keeping her at his apartment and Blake isn’t sure that’s a good idea because the more he gets to know the woman who thinks her name may be Alex the more of a mystery she becomes and the more he realizes he wants her.


About the Author

Helen Starbuckno relation to the coffee bunch—lives in Arvada, Colorado, with her two cats and is a multiple award-winning author of Legacy of Secrets, Finding Alex, The Woman He Used to Know, and the Annie Collins Mystery Series.  Helen likes stories about strong women and interesting men. She writes her mysteries from the perspective of an OR nurse and relies on her love of suspense and romance to write her standalone romantic suspense novels. Her theory is, if you don’t like life as it is, you can always write a different ending.

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