Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Once Upon A Friendship Anthology Authors Blog Event to Benefit St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital Week And Challenge


Welcome to day 3 of my 4 day Once Upon a Friendship blog event and a personal challenge to my blog visitors.

 The Challenge is-
For every anthology purchased 
I will make a matching donation to St. Jude's
Just mention in the comments section
that you bought the anthology and I'll back it up 
With a donation of my own!
Thank You!

Today's participating authors are:

Barbara Hinske and Judith Keim 

Barbara Hinske and Judith Keim are special friends – writer friends who are now working together and with others on a special project.


Friendships aren’t restricted by age, gender, educational level, or geographic location. Our connections with friends who aren’t just like us keep our hearts and minds open.

Most of us have friends in different categories: work; school; the gym; church; our



In the writing world, most of us got to know each other through Facebook. We friended each other, signed up for each other’s newsletters, and read and reviewed each other’s books. If a character’s motivation became murky or a plot twist wasn’t working, we turned to each other. Problems with a software glitch or a social media issue? We knew who to ask. Just as in an office setting, we became knowledgeable colleagues and trusted friends.

A common theme in the books we write is the enduring nature of friendship and its profound influence for good in our lives. This realization gave birth to our boxed set, Once Upon A Friendship.

We’re celebrating our author group friendship with this boxed set of ten novels. Each of us contributed one of our books that explores friendship, in all its many forms. We also wanted Once Upon A Friendship to be a gift to our readers, so we priced the ebook at 99 cents. Most importantly, we’re donating all the proceeds from Once Upon A Friendship to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Once Upon A Friendship is available for preorder now and will be on sale for purchase for a limited time only, from January 25-February 8. Join the ten authors of Once Upon A Friendship in celebrating this life-affirming relationship while raising money for a life-changing institution.

You can also use this 99-cent opportunity to gift to others. Thank you, dear reader friends.


In this collection, Judith Keim has contributed A ROAD TRIP TO REMEMBER.

A woman and her beloved granddaughter take a trip of discovery…
After agreeing to enter the New Life Assisted-Living Community outside of Boston, Agatha “Aggie” Robard talks her devoted, serious granddaughter, Blythe, into driving her to Florida, stopping to see old college friends along the way. She particularly needs to speak to Donovan Bailey, the man she’d thought she would marry right after graduating from college. By asking Blythe to go with her, Aggie is hoping to prove to her that life should be about having fun too. Their road trip is a great idea for both of them as long as Aggie’s son and his wife, Blythe’s difficult stepmother, don’t find out.
While the rest of the family is away on vacation, Aggie and Blythe set off on their secret adventure. All goes well until Aggie falls while dancing on the beach with Donovan, breaking a bone in her leg. Then Blythe’s father is seriously injured in an automobile accident. Blythe and Logan Pierce, Donovan’s young assistant, do their best to step in for them at The Robard Company working together, fighting the attraction they feel for one another.
The road trip brings about happy memories, surprises, and love as Aggie and Blythe meet others and discover new possibilities for everything they’ve ever wanted.
A beach read with a lot of heart… This book is a standalone novel that is one of others based at the Seashell Cottage on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Different stories, different characters, same location. Be sure to read other books in the Seashell Cottage collection – A Christmas Star, A Summer of Surprises and Change of Heart.

Be sure to check her other books out available on all sites –

Barbara Hinske has contributed PAWS & PASTRIES.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step …

Clara Conway has finally had enough of her cheating husband. After uncovering his latest infidelity, she takes action. With the money she’s inherited from her mother—and a car packed with her clothes and the few things she’ll want in her new life—she sets out.

Clara plans to drive until she reaches a city large enough to support the patisserie she’s wanted to open since she learned to bake at her mother’s knee. Her intuition will tell her when she’s found the right spot.

What she hadn’t counted on was car trouble stranding her in the charming—but too small—town of Pinewood. Has bad luck followed her on her journey, or has fate placed her where she needs to be?

Follow Clara as a kindly elderly couple, an almost-handsome landlord, and one special canine open her heart.

Be sure to check out her other books available on Amazon and in KU

You can purchase ONCE UPON A FRIENDSHIP at the following e-book retailers:

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring this collection. It's a great opportunity for great books at a great price and for a great cause.

  2. Thanks, again, for featuring ONCE UPON A FRIENDSHIP! We are so excited to give readers a collection of stories about friendship and also raise money for St. Jude Children's Hospital. The authors are all mothers. So, St. Jude's mission speaks to our hearts.

  3. Look forward to reading their lovely stories.

  4. I grabbed the boxed set yesterday. Thanks for sharing Debbie!

  5. Yes some good books to look forward to reading. Thanks for pushing it Debbie.