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Review: The Witch's Knight by Paula and Trevor Brackston White Shadow Trilogy #1

Today I'm reviewing, The Witch's Knight,  book 1 in the White Shadow trilogy a terrific collaboration by a favorite author, Paula Brackston and her brother Trevor. Stop in and see why many including me are raving about this new series.

ISBN-13: 979-8433888029
Publisher: Independently Published
Release Date: 4-19-2022
Length: 523pp
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New York Times bestselling author of 'The Witch's Daughter', Paula Brackston, in collaboration with her brother Trevor, presents an epic tale of magic, courage and a love that spans a thousand years.

A girl destined to become Queen Witch.
A knight sworn to protect her throughout time.
A supernatural battle between good and evil.

"This book was a slam dunk for me. The magic the authors weaved on the page had me so enthralled, I couldn't put it down." - bookaloriandesigns

In Book One of the White Shadow Trilogy, the story moves between 11th century Wales and present day London. Gwen is born to a noble family in the Welsh mountains, unaware of her true magical identity. When her village is attacked by Norman soldiers her life is forever changed and she must accept her new role to save those she loves. It is as she embraces her place among the witches of the White Shadow that she meets the man who will risk everything to protect her.
In dangerous modern times, Tudor's life is threatened when his own destiny unfolds. It is only as the world shifts towards darkness that the true extent of his purpose, and his connection to the past, is revealed.
In a love story that survives the centuries, the two must put duty first. The Shifting would see evil take hold, and all that is good will be lost. The witch and her knight stand on the tipping point of that balance.


My Review:

The Witch’s Knight
The White Shadow Trilogy #1
Paula and Trevor Brackston


Book one in this fabulous trilogy by brother and sister team, Paula (City of Time and Magic) and Trevor Brackston features a dual timeline that goes from the 11th century Wales to present day England, brilliantly marrying paranormal romance and fantasy and tells the fated story of Rhiannon witch of the White Shadow and her Knight, Tudor.

Deep in the wilds of Wales in the late 11th Century Gwen was just a girl when the Normans attacked, murdering her parents, ravaging her village and almost killing her. But she survived and with a rag tag group of remaining villagers took refuge high in the mountains and far away from the invaders. There Gwen learns of her true identity and heritage as Rhiannon a witch of the White Shadow and begins her magical tutelage from the local wisewoman who knew the truth from the start. It was while returning to her former home to trade and barter for winter supplies that Rhiannon meets Tudor, a Knight who will change the course of her life and both their futures.

Meanwhile in present day London Rhys Tudor, former military and current personal body guard for a spoiled rich kid is inspecting the new exclusive apartment complex and new residence of his client when a rash of unspeakable and unexplainable murders occur at the complex. But not only that it seems that someone is targeting his 15 year-old daughter Emily and Tudor will protect her with his last breath.

Seamlessly moving from ancient Wales to current day UK these gifted authors weave their spell on readers while they spin their magical, mystical yarn of good vs evil. The narrative goes from archaic yet authentic Welsh dialogue of the distant past that will have the audience googling multiple words to vernacular that modern day readers are very familiar with and will have the added benefit of luring the audience via their favorite reading chair right into this esoteric tale. The characters are all fabulous and Rhiannon and Tudor plus Tudor’s daughter Emily as a close second are the obvious stars, but the secondary characters all play their parts superbly and as the Brackstons fill in the plot dots they will all, good, bad and in between become more real. Tried and true fans of Paula Brackston will absolutely love this novel and will not be able to put this book down and when finished will be biting at the bit for book 2! Perfect for fans of Karen Marie Moning and Jayne Ann Krentz.

About Paula:
I was born in Dorset but my family moved to Wales when I was five, so I grew up a mountain child. There was very little by way of money, people, and television. What there was in abundance was freedom and space. And the best chance for a child to develop their imagination. It was an idyllic time of days spent in the hills among spectacular scenery, with a pony, a dog, a sugar cube sandwich, and my brother. We would hide on a rocky outcrop with binoculars and watch activity in the distant valley below, making up stories about what we saw. So, I’ve been inventing characters and telling tall tales from a very early age.

About Trevor:
Trevor grew up in the Black Mountains of Wales above the ancient
village of Cwmdu. It was the perfect environment to spark a wild imagination,
sparking ideas of mystical beings, witches, and legendary beasts. Trevor
was a natural storyteller, making up tales of talking rabbits and adventures for
our teddy bears, graduating to full blown horror stories. He loved nothing
better than spinning yarns of vampires and monsters to scare his sister half to
After a variety of jobs Trevor discovered a talent for flying. He worked as a
pilot, travelling the world and moving to Florida to establish his own flying
school. He lived in the Sunshine State for thirty years with his wife, Chris,
raising a family. His three children made their home there, and three
grandchildren have expanded the clan.
During this time he also explored his spiritual path, which led him to
becoming an Interfaith Minister, and gave him the opportunity to open an
orphanage in India which is still operating twenty years later.
After retiring from flying, Trevor retrained to become a Police Officer and
later worked as a Private Investigator. He also fulfilled an ambition to live on a
sailboat, and it was during this time that he began working on "The
Witch's Knight".
After taking the decision to return to the UK, he now lives with Chris a short
walk from Paula’s house, and is enjoying rediscovering the delights of the English
countryside. Trevor and Paula are enjoying our collaboration, and looking forward to
working on the next book in the series.


  1. This sounds like an exciting one, Debbie. I like the cross roads of the past and present times.

    1. I love her work anyway and although this is not her usual fare I saw her influence quite a bit.

  2. This sounds exciting, Debbie. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh my this sounds really good and now want to know how the two ages meet.

  4. Just finished reading this book in 3 nights! I couldn’t put it down! Loved the details and the switching from past to present. I also loved the ending and how I was on the edge of my seat and was left hanging until part 2! Can’t wait! When does the second book come out?

    1. I know it was fabulous!! The next book will probably be released next year sometime. Here is Paula's website check there too -

  5. Wow Debbie this sounds wonderful...and you know all the genres are a hit with me.