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#Giveaways Review The Twelve Months of Christmas by Shelia Roberts Day 7 #HoHoHoHarlequinHolidayExtravaganza


On Day 7 of the holiday blog bash I'm reviewing Shelia Roberts' holiday novel, The Twelve Months of Christmas. This is a must read friends for all lovers of heartwarming holiday tales.
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ISBN-13: 9780778334279
Publisher: Mira
Release Date: 10-03-2023
Length: 400pp 
Source: Publisher for Review
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Three women. Three terrible Christmases. Can they finally perfect the holiday by celebrating every month?

From USA TODAY bestselling author Sheila Roberts comes a story of family, second chances and holiday do-overs, brimming with warmth and Christmas charm.

Sunny, Arianna and Molly are having three very different but equally terrible Christmases. Sunny is a newlywed with two new stepkids who want nothing to do with her; Arianna is newly divorced and hates having to send her daughter off to spend the holiday with her dad; for Molly, nothing is new, but her job at the post office is getting very, very old.

The whole Christmas season has been a bust all around. But Sunny and Arianna have a wild idea: What if they had a Christmas do-over in January? February? On Saint Patrick’s Day?

Christmas all year long—what could that look like? As these three determined women chase the perfect holiday through twelve months of cooking disasters, over-the-top festivity, and lots of laughter and tears, they’ll discover perfection is way overrated.

My Review:

The Twelve Months of Christmas
by Shelia Roberts

Shelia Roberts latest Christmas tale is full of heart, friendship and jubilation with a little calamity, chaos and heartache thrown into the mix. Her three women protagonists are all relatable and genuine and each reader will probably find one to relate more with but will have a hard time picking favorites.
Sunny is the eternal optimist, she’s funny, she’s thoughtful and she’s the real deal even though her stepdaughter keeps trying to kill her Christmas Spirit.
Arianna is a bit of a pessimist trying to climb her way out of a dark time in her life knowing she needs to keep up a happy front for her young daughter.
Sixty year old Molly is the realist, she has a grown daughter and granddaughter who she loves dearly but her post office patrons are making her want to go postal.
Fans of holiday themed warm hearted stories and this insightful author will find this hard to put down and will need a few tissues to make it to The End.

Newlywed Sunny wanted to give her new husband and two new step kids a Christmas to remember but it was the step kids who gave her a Christmas she’d like to forget.
Arianna is spending her first Christmas as an ex-wife and dealing with her selfish ex and having to share her daughter with him is ruining her Christmas spirit.
Postal worker Molly isn’t usually a Grinch but her customers at Christmastime put her in a fowl mood.
After discussing their awful Christmases these three neighbors decide what they really need is to re-do Christmas, find their Christmas spirit and maybe keep it going all year long. And what they find along the way is twelve months of fun holiday themed activities, special moments, laughter and tears and a whole lot of celebrating.


About the author:
With more than fifty books to her name, Sheila Roberts is a frequent USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestseller - and a fan favorite. Her Christmas perennial "On Strike for Christmas" was made into a movie for the Lifetime Channel and her novel "The Nine Lives of Christmas" was made into a movie for Hallmark. Hallmark also made a sequel, titled "The Nine Kittens of Christmas." Her most recent novel to hit the small screen was "Christmas on Candy Cane Lane," which aired on the Great American Family Channel in 2022. Before settling into her writing career, Sheila owned a singing telegram company and played in band. When she's not traveling, she splits her time between the Pacific Northwest and Southern California.

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  1. This sounds wonderful, Debbie. I love that it focuses on women and that the characters felt genuine.

  2. I've not read any of her books yet, but this three women re-doing Christmas sounds great.

  3. I don't think that I have read this author yet but this one sounds great! I would say that my favorite imprint is the Romantic Suspense books. My favorite tradition is just being with family.

    1. I think you'd like her Carole. I love romantic suspense too

  4. Lovely review and imagine twelve months of Christmas! At first my eye read Days and then I noticed - no - months!