Friday, August 6, 2010

Review of Blown Away

Blown Away
Sharon Sala
361 pages
Blown Away is the first of three of Sharon Sala’s Storm Front Series. It’s a thriller, a romance and a great read in one.
Bestselling Mystery author Carolina North lives a much quieter life in the Louisiana Bayou town of Bordelaise then she writes about until one morning during a walk she comes upon something she never thought she’d see a man she once loved burying a body, in her frantic rush to get home to her parents and report what she’s seen she’s unaware that everything she’s loved and known up until this point is about to be “Blown Away”. Mike Boudreaux, Baton Rouge business man is notified that his personal assistant is in the hospital only when he arrives he sees an imposter in the bed. He wants answers and as soon as this look-a-like wake up, he’s going to get them.
Ms. Sala really knows how to get to the heart of a reader by giving them what they want in a plot, a force of nature followed by a great romantic suspense read and knows just where to place it, in the Louisiana Bayous a place of majestic beauty that can and does turn deadly. Her dialogue is flowing and filled with that wonderful Cajun jargon that really gets to the heart of any romance lover. I mean who can resist that all inclusive “cher”. She’s also a genius at painting pictures in our heads with her words as we live through the tornado and fear for the lives of the characters as they play out their roles. And let’s talk about the characters who are all wonderfully portrayed and developed especially her hero Mike and heroine Carolina who you can’t help but cheer for as they reach for that all elusive Happily Ever After. Her romance is sweet while the love scenes are hot, spicy and intense.
So if you love a great romance, that grand passion, this is your read. If you shutter with excitement at suspense then this is definitely what you want. If you like your romance on the sizzle burner, look no farther. And if you like series, well you’re in luck because there are two more coming your way so stay tuned for my review of them.

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