Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Review of Swept Aside

Swept Aside
Sharon Sala
329 pages
Swept Aside is the third and final novel in Sharon Sala’s Storm Front series.
After surviving a Columbine type shooting Amalie Pope is coming home to Bordelaise Louisiana to lick her wounds and reclaim the only place that’s ever been home. Nick Aroyo is far from home working for the DEA undercover on a drug case bad karma or fate has him and his three compatriots arrested and thrown in jail in small town Bordelaise Louisiana. But there’s a killer storm brewing and the biggest question is will Nick and Amalie survive or will they be Swept Aside.
Ms. Sala has given us a whopper of a finish for her Storm Front series. Her plot could be straight from the headlines, it’s fraught with all the emotional tension and angst as if it were true. Her dialogue is what you’d expect from 4 escaped convicts plus one demure High School Art teacher, but you’d be surprised by that teacher’s spunk especially after living through what she has. Her characters are intense and seem the genuine article even though they are a figment of Ms. Sala’s very fertile imagination. Her hero Nick and heroine Amalie are great especially authentic feeling and you can’t help but hope them through all their hardships and setbacks. The character development genius doesn’t stop with Nick and Amalie, it makes it’s way to the three real convicts where Ms. Sala divides them into human and devil. The romance is edgy and what you’d expect from a couple who don’t know if they’ll live to see each other or the next day, it’s that life affirming coming together you need in the face of death and because of that the love scenes are really physical and very intuitive and even though you know there’s real feelings between the couple she makes us wait and wonder if and when they’ll get that great ending that they of all characters so rightly deserve.
If you like a little action, adventure and terror with your romance Swept Aside is the one for you. This is the third and final volume in the Storm Front series and it does well as a stand-a-lone, but why stop here, experience the "Perfect Storm" and get all three Blown Away Torn Apart and Swept Aside believe me you will not be sorry.

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