Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Review of Hurricanes in Paradise

Hurricanes in Paradise
Denise Hildreth
Tyndale Publishing
375 pages

Hurricanes in Paradise is a wonderfully written inspirational and riveting novel by a wonderful storyteller.

At the famous Atlantis resort in the picturesque Bahamas there is more stirring than the weather as four very different women are soon to find out. Riley Sinclair is seeking a new beginning for her and her small daughter accepting a position at the resort. Best selling author Laine Fulton is seeking information for her next novel and using the resort as background while she deals with demons of her own making. Beauty pageant winner Tamyra Larsen has been hiding from everyone after receiving devastating news, news that will change her life forever. Widow Winnie Harris has been forced on this vacation by her too caring and children. As these three women’s lives connect they will experience a myriad of emotions from fear, hurt, rage and finally redemption when they finally look to the one source who can solve their problems and heal their hearts and souls.
Denise Hildreth brings to life for her readers the tropic breezes, the soulful Atlantic ocean and the characters that are obviously close to her heart. Her plot is four overlapping stories that intertwine together to make one beautiful story. Her dialogue is witty and expressively devout. Her characters are far from perfect and yet they are very earnest and honest which makes them unbelievably real. They are well rounded and precocious and funny and sad and readers will find themselves pulled toward each of them while finding similarities to our own struggles as they stumble toward a better road. There are love stories here that are genuine and sweet and there are losses that are hard to comprehend.

This is a tale of what was and what can be, a story of loss and of gain, but most of all it’s a story of faith and healing and of how friendship helps get us there.

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