Monday, August 9, 2010

Review of Torn Apart

Torn Apart
Sharon Sala
298 pages

Torn Apart is the second of Sharon Sala’s Storm Front series.

The Earles are a loving, caring family but they’re in a crisis right now seeded in JR’s job and Katie’s fear of leaving Bordelaise. But soon none of that will matter because a tornado that hit’s town takes away more than they could ever fear and their family may never recover from being “Torn Apart”.

Ms. Sala has given us a dramatic, heart stopping thriller in Torn Apart. Her story line is the darkest fear of any parent and could have been taken from the front pages of any newspaper or the headlines of any TV new program. Her dialogue flows so well that you won’t be able to stop turning pages until the end and her words bring the tale to life in your minds eye, as her scenes take us through the hell of a family and back. It’s a tale filled with terror and hopelessness and light at the end of the tunnel. Her characters are wonderfully depicted and you will love and hate them as their parts predict. Her protagonists the Earles are an amazing show of talent on her part as her audience will cry, feel fear and hurt with them. Her romance is tender and heart wrenching and healing. Her love scenes are spicy enough to please the most hardcore romance lover and yet leave enough to the imagination for those who don’t need explicit descriptions.

This is an amazing piece of fiction dedicated to all the lost and found souls that the story is about. It’s a thrill a minute roller coaster ride of horror and will leave you gasping for breath in one minute and crying the next. So if you need a lot of angst with your romance and you need your happy ever after to be hard reaching, run, do not walk to your nearest bookstore for this great novel. This is the second in her Storm Front series but could be easily read as a stand-a-lone, the series share a town and a tornado and a few characters.

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