Thursday, September 16, 2010

Review of The 1st Wife

The 1st Wife
Tara Taylor Quinn
256 pages
The 1st Wife is the first of a four book series named The Kelly Files

Meet super successful magazine editor Jane Hamilton who’s been on a roll in her professional life but not so much in her personal life since her divorce from her philandering husband. With her platonic best friend Brad Manchester by her side she feels she can rule the world, there’s only one problem, she can’t until she shakes off her protective skin and comes clean about the too real skeletons in her closet. A call to testify in her ex-husband’s trial and a closer look at she and Brad’s relationship brings it all to a head.
Ms. Quinn has created quite a quandary for her readers in this her first chapter in the Kelly Files where Dr. Kelly Chapman expert witness psychologist is in the periphery of the story and we get to see it unfolding from a unique standpoint, which makes her story line a little different from the rest of the genre. Her characters are interesting and you’ll want to keep turning pages to get to the outcome. Her hero Brad and heroine Jane are oblivious to what the readers can see and so it makes it fun to watch them stumble their way to each other. The romance is sweet, mixed with intense feelings and utter confusion on the part of our protagonists. The love scene is tame and inoffensive to any audience.

So if you like contemporary romance, you will like this, if you like series, this is for you if you are a Harlequin fan, you can’t go wrong, so be sure and give The 1st Wife a try, it’s a strong romance and will attract a wide audience especially since the rest of the series is published by Mira, Harlequin’s Romantic Suspense division.


  1. Oh, Deb - It sounds really good, but I just made a deal with myself - I have so many books in my TBR pile, that for every new book that I read, I'm then going to pick one from the TBR pile. LOL That should only take me about 6 months to clear it up ! Have a good weekend...


  2. It was good Anne and that's a good deal you have with yourself, how long do you think it'll last ;-)